Friday, January 18, 2013

Time to stand for Islam Jihad is not terrorism. The west is the terrorists, Taliban (who is one of the lost tribes of Beno Israel that converted to Islam) offered Ben Ladin if George Bush shows them proofs. But they do not need proofs the evil empire does not need proofs. When they captured Ben Ladin they did not try him but killed him in the spot they did not give us the right to see him tried and interrogated. They say they are the country of law what law. Compare Ben Ladi with George. Bush Ben ladin did not do 9//11 but possibly Bush gang. Ben Ladin left great whealth and luxury to defend his religion and his oppressed people. Ben Ladin stood against the Saudi tyrant family who owns American politicians. Ben Laden stood for the poor and opppressed. For a Liberal guy like me Geroge Bush is an asshole who has no ethics and play the Jesus guy while his goal was to have the elites and rich families conrtol the world. Ben Laden was not looking to be king or president but to have liberals like me move and control the world. This will do it after we put Geroge Bush in the trash of history and Obama game of the Mahdi of Muslims will be over. For Morsi in Egypt you did weaken us by getting close to the Shia they never stood for Islam and more dangerous than the west. I tried to talk to the Shia leader like the wicked Sistani for years to have them unite with Sunni but they followed the Americans orders not to talk to me. We should seek reasonable allies from liberals in Israel and west until God guide the Chrsitian right to be with Islam and the true Jesus who will descend in few years in the middle of us not the Jesus of George Bush who was standing for the rich oil CEO's and the rich oil family of Saudi .

"علماء المسلمين" تدعو لدعم المجاهدين في مواجهة فرنسا بـ"مالي"

الجمعة, 18 يناير 2013 - 04:34 pm | عدد الزيارات: 74 طباعة

أصدرت رابطة علماء المسلمين بيانا اليوم استنكرت فيه الحرب على المسلمين في مالي ، والتدخل السافر ، في شئون المسلمين هناك بدعوى الإرهاب والتشدد .

وقالت الرابطة في بيانها إن ( ما فعلته فرنسا حرب وعدوان على المسلمين، يجب إنكاره، ولا يجوز إقراره فضلاً عن دعمه مادياً أو إعلامياً ) .
وأكدت الرابطة في بيانها أن مظاهرة الكافرين على المسلمين من نواقض الإسلام ، كما هو ظاهر القران وبينه أئمة وعملاء الإسلام .
ودعا البيان المسلمين شعوبا ودولا لرد العدوان ودعم المجاهدين بما استطاعوا إليه سبيلا .
كما حذرت الرابطة من أن يكون الخلاف في المسائل الاجتهادية سببا لخذلان المسلم لأخيه المسلم أو تخليه عنه.

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