Thursday, January 03, 2013

Personel and confidential: Fuck America and not the American people

By: Maged Taman

As many of people know me and I am a liberal person and I do not care for the Jihadists though I share may be only one of their beliefs that the Arab/Muslim tyrants have to be removed. During the years after 9/11 I was persecuted in America for being Arab/Muslim. People went against me by false claims and lawsuits even in Obama time. Since I was vocal against the tyrants they persecuted me more. In fact the plan was looked for and excuted personally by George Bush the criminal ex-president of America. Imagine for about 10 years or so waiting for every time I get the mail for a letter says: personel and confidential from a lawyer to intimidate me with lawsuit. Even in time of Obama. Obama is another asshole tyrant like many of the tyrants of the world. As I was about to get to Saudi with the zionists/Saudi they blocked me from going over there so I will be under their mercy. They basiclly try to break me down since I am standing against the tyrants of the world.  A lot of young Muslim in the Arab/Muslim world are very angry that America do not know them. Thus my message to Obama: Personel and confidential if someone gets against me again there are young Muslims around the world and a lot of Americans are in the Muslims/Arab world and in Europe who will like to live in peace and not have letters of intimidation. Regarding my stand against the tyrnats no one will be able to break me down and I will continue to free my people. I have no war with the American people many of them are dissent people my problems with the elites.

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