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Do Muslims Worship the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)


Do Muslims Worship the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)?

Written by Sami Zaatari Thursday, 07 April 2011 13:03

One common misconception and argument that is thrown against the Muslims is that we worship the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). They sometimes even call the Muslims ‘Muhammadans’ in a derogatory way. This claim however is untrue, and has no foundation at all. Muslims love the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), respect, and honor him. Yet this does not amount to worship, shall we say that just because we love our family, and that we shall defend their rights and honor means that we worship them?
The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) even taught the Muslims to not over-praise him:
Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 55, Number 654:
Narrated 'Umar: I heard the Prophet saying, "Do not exaggerate in praising me as the Christians praised the son of Mary, for I am only a Slave. So, call me the Slave of Allah and His Apostle."
Here the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) explicitly teaches the Muslims to not over-praise him, and he gets very specific by what he means, he says that we should not over praise him as the Christians do with Jesus. As we all know many Christians worship and revere Jesus, they believe he is God, and that he is the one in whom their salvation lies.
This narration of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) would be enough to end the false claim that Muslims worship Muhammad (pbuh), and/or are taught to.
We read another narration this time from the Caliph Abu Bakr, before quoting the narration it must be known that Abu Bakr was the Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) right hand man, he became the leader of the Muslim nation after the Prophet's death. Logically if Muslims worship Muhammad (pbuh) then we would find that his right hand man, and one of his closest companions to be worshipping him, yet instead we see this:
Whoever amongst you worshipped Muhammad? Muhammad is dead. But whoever worshipped Allah? Allah is alive and will never die.
After uttering this statement Abu Bakr then recited the following passage from the Noble Quran:
: Muhammad is no more than a messenger: many Were the messenger that passed away before him. If he died or were slain, will ye then Turn back on your heels? If any did turn back on his heels, not the least harm will he do to Allah; but Allah (on the other hand) will swiftly reward those who (serve Him) with gratitude.
Here we have the explicit proof that Muslims don't worship the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and on top of this we see we are not taught to worship him, rather we are to worship Allah.
So let us summarize what we have so far:
-The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught us not to over-praise him
-Abu Bakr the prophet's right hand man did not worship the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), rather he called for the exact opposite
-The Quran teaches us to not worship Muhammad (pbuh), but to worship Allah
With that said, let us now look at the passages in the Quran that explicitly teach us to worship Allah alone, not worship Allah and Muhammad (pbuh):
"'It is Allah Who is my Lord and your Lord; then worship Him. This is a Way that is straight.'"
"And the places of worship are for Allah (alone): So invoke not any one along with Allah
To Allah do belong the unseen (secrets) of the heavens and the earth, and to Him goeth back every affair (for decision): then worship Him, and put thy trust in Him: and thy Lord is not unmindful of aught that ye do.
This is the guidance of Allah: He giveth that guidance to whom He pleaseth, of His worshippers. If they were to join other gods with Him, all that they did would be vain for them.
They say: "Allah hath begotten a son" :Glory be to Him.-Nay, to Him belongs all that is in the heavens and on earth: everything renders worship to Him.
"Verily, I am Allah: There is no god but I: So serve thou Me (only), and establish regular prayer for celebrating My praise.
Say: "O People of the Book! come to common terms as between us and you: That we worship none but Allah; that we associate no partners with him; that we erect not, from among ourselves, Lords and patrons other than Allah." If then they turn back, say ye: "Bear witness that we (at least) are Muslims (bowing to Allah's Will).
018.110 Say: "I am but a man like yourselves, (but) the inspiration has come to me, that your Allah is one Allah: whoever expects to meet his Lord, let him work righteousness, and, in the worship of his Lord, admit no one as partner.
Many more verses could be added, but the point is clear, Allah in the Quran teaches us to worship him alone, and to not join any partners with him.
If any critic wants to persist in claiming we worship the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), then I set forth these challenges:
-Show a single Quranic passage that commands Muslims to worship Muhammad (pbuh)
-Show a single hadith that commands Muslims to worship Muhammad (pbuh)
-Show any companion that worshiped the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) with the consensus of the other companions (pbuh)
It shouldn’t be so hard right? After all, if your making a claim, you should be able to back it up.
And Allah Knows Best!

Blogger comment:
Muhammad and all other prophets peace be upon them all are created by God and they worshiped God. Jesus worshiped God. The trick of Satan is to make us enemies to the prophets then if he fails he make them an object of worship or have us to fight about them. Satan used all tricks to destroy man wars due to religions, wars not related to religions, corrupt oppressive leaders, worshiping anything but God or worshiping him the wrong way or make the tyrant first and God second in line. That is why the Mahdi job will never be easy. A lot of people will stand against his rise even when he would say guys I may be Al Mahdi.

Iran, the Arab intifada and the end of the 'Middle East'

From: Media Monitors

by Arshin Adib-Moghaddam
(Sunday, October 30, 2011)

"What we are witnessing, then, is the second coming of independence, which promises a non-colonial order. It signals the end of the "Middle East", which would translate into the end of dependency on the "West". This is salutary for Europe and the United States, as well, if we finally accept and appreciate that non-western societies are writing their own history. They don't need us to dictate words to them and to pester them with our patronizing wisdom. This is what the Iraq war and the uprisings should have taught us."
Once upon a time there was a United States naval officer who invented a region he called the "Middle East". His name was Alfred Thayer Mayhan (1840-1914) and he lived during a period when this "Middle East" was subjugated and colonized, when it was turned into a geopolitical "region" that could be defined by the office of a naval strategist whose penchant for US imperialism made him famous.
Since then, there exists a place the "West" imagines as the "Middle East" as if it has an existence of its own. Yet this "Middle East" is not merely a jolly good imperial fantasy. The Euro-Americo-centric designation buttresses the West's claim to hegemony, re-inscribing dependency into the very consciousness of the peoples and governments acting in that area. It is also distortive because it suggests that the "West" can control events there. It is indicative of this illusion that the "Middle East" is the only "region" that is still officially defined from the perspective of Europe and America.
But the old (post-) "colonial" "Middle East" is withering away, at least since the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The ensuing mayhem, the immense loss of life and the horrific images of torture and death that accompanied that devastating war put psychological and material boundaries on US foreign policies. The "Vietnam syndrome" has turned into an "Iraq pathology", exactly because political elites in the US were forced to accept that there are no military solutions to the conflicts in the region and that a military victory does not necessarily yield a strategic advantage. There seems to be an emerging understanding that events cannot be controlled by the barrel of the gun, that the area we have called the "Middle East" can't be defined from here anymore, that there is both reciprocity (them affecting us) and autonomy (them doing what they want beyond our control).
As such, the Iraq war was a major step towards a post-American order in the area exactly because it revealed the impotence of military might in the contemporary international system. It also signaled the demise of the "Middle East" as a region defined in terms of dependency on us. Today, when we look at the map we don't see an abstraction anymore, but concrete events, memories--Abu Ghraib, Saddam Hussein, Gadaffi--and Tahrir square, civil society, democracy, calls for liberty, empowerment, revolution!
It is within this context of a non-colonial future that the Arab intifada can be interpreted. If the revolution in Iran of 1979 uprooted a pro-western dictatorship from the country, the Arab uprisings have created their own possibility for independence. After all, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak were quite comparable to the shah; kings of kings who were dependent on the United States and skeptical of democratic accountability. "King of kings" was also a preferred title of Muammar Gaddafi, who lost the last residues of ideological support from his people when he turned himself over to the Bush administration and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair during their inglorious "war on terror". Add Turkey's increasing distance from the US and its confrontation with Israel to the mix and what emerges is a region that has ceased to function in a colonial mode.
What we are witnessing, then, is the second coming of independence, which promises a non-colonial order. It signals the end of the "Middle East", which would translate into the end of dependency on the "West". This is salutary for Europe and the United States, as well, if we finally accept and appreciate that non-western societies are writing their own history. They don't need us to dictate words to them and to pester them with our patronizing wisdom. This is what the Iraq war and the uprisings should have taught us.
And then there is Iran, of course, which in 1979, much like Castro's Cuba two decades before, instituted a revolutionary narrative advocating radical independence for the country, the region and the "global south". The revolutionary emphasis on independence is one of the main reasons why Iran refers to the Arab uprisings as "awakenings". In the jargon of the revolutionaries of 1979, including Ayatollah Khomeini, being "awake" (or "bidar" in Persian) signified the prelude to revolutionary action: a society that was ready to struggle for its independence.
Of course, there are also many in Tehran who are delusional enough to assume that the Arab revolts are modeled after the Islamic revolution of 1979. Those Persian fantasies need to be ignored. But by and large the emerging post-American order is viewed with immense optimism in Iran and a good dash of anxiety, too. Optimism, because Iranian strategists assume (rightly so in my opinion) that governments that are more responsive to the preferences of their societies will yield foreign policies that are more friendly to the Palestinian cause and Iran itself, and by implication less acquiescent to the United States and Israel.
Below the surface, however, there is anxiety too, especially among the right wing, which is subduing the demands of Iran's powerful civil society. They are aware that Iranians have been plotting their own intifada to reform the state for quite some time now and that today democracy and human rights, not only independence, are the measure of successful governance in the Arab and Islamic worlds. In the middle-to-long term, the Iranian state, which perceives itself a major player in this area, can't be oblivious to that brave new world and its anti-authoritarian norms.
by courtesy & © 2011 Arshin Adib-Moghaddam

Blogger comment:
The new Middle East will be more about good reasoning and freedom of speech. Iran really did not inspire the Arab revolution though we looked at Khomeini revolution with respect we think we have very different agenda than Iran. Our destiny is not their Apocalypse but good living conditions to all countries that want to live in peace. Their support to the tyrannical secular Syrian regime speak loudly that they are not interested and do not like to have the Sunni live in democracy and control themselves. See how I was sympathetic to the Shia in Bahrain not like them they did not care about the Syrians who are killed every day. Thus Muslims will decide their own destiny not Iran, America, Israel, the rest of the Arab tyrant countries. There will be peace with the Arab and Israel most of people like to live in peace and they will obligate their leaders to do so or they will fire them. The new middle east will not be a secular or religious dictatorship but will be moderate people who will be responsive to their people.

Qatar the Mahdi Al Muntazer of the Muslim world playing games

وفد سوريا يغادر الدوحة بلا رد

غادر الوفد السوري المشارك في الاجتماع الوزاري العربي الدوحة دون الرد على الورقة العربية التي قدمت له أمس.
ووصف الشيخ حمد بن جاسم بن جبر آل ثاني رئيس الوزراء وزير الخارجية القطري ورئيس اللجنة العربية الخاصة بسوريا، الورقة التي تسلمها الوفد السوري بأنها جدية.
وكان الأمين العام لجامعة الدول العربية نبيل العربي قد قال إن الورقة تتضمن سحب الآليات العسكرية, ووقف العنف فورا وبدء حوار بين النظام ومعارضيه في القاهرة.
وأضاف أن الخطة تنص أيضا على "بدء عمليات الحوار مع كل مكونات المعارضة في القاهرة"، مع العلم أن دمشق لم تبد حماسة في السابق لأي حوار خارج أراضيها.
ولم يتضح كيف سترد دمشق على المبادرة بعد مغادرة وفدها الدوحة، وقد أكد مصدر مقرب من الوفد السوري أن وزير الخارجية وليد المعلم زار الديوان الأميري القطري والتقى أمير البلاد الشيخ حمد بن خليفة آل ثاني.
كما أكد مصدر من وفد الأمين العام للجامعة العربية أن العربي غادر الدوحة أيضا.نصيحة وكان الشيخ حمد بن جاسم قد أكد الليلة الماضية في ختام اجتماع اللجنة الوزارية العربية حول الملف السوري أن اللجنة قدمت ورقة لوقف العنف في سوريا وطلبت دمشق مهلة حتى اليوم للرد عليها.
كما حذر الشيخ حمد الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد ضمنا من "اللف والدوران" داعيا إلى خطوات ملموسة بسرعة في سوريا لتجنب "عاصفة كبيرة" في المنطقة.
وحضر الاجتماع في الدوحة وزراء اللجنة الذين أوفدوا الأربعاء الماضي إلى العاصمة السورية للقاء الرئيس السوري ضمن مهمتهم التي حددتها الجامعة العربية بالعمل على وقف العنف في سوريا والبدء بحوار بين السلطات والمعارضة.
وكانت اللجنة الوزارية قد وجهت مساء الجمعة "رسالة عاجلة" إلى الرئيس السوري أعربت فيها عن "امتعاضها لاستمرار عمليات القتل" وطالبت بفعل "ما يلزم لحماية المدنيين".

بشار الأسد (الفرنسية)مخاوفمن جهة أخرى نقلت صحيفة القبس الكويتية أمس عن مصادر عربية واسعة الاطلاع أن الوزراء العرب الذين زاروا دمشق الأربعاء الماضي حذروا الرئيس الأسد من إمكانية خروج الأزمة السورية من الإطار العربي وتدويلها، وطالبوه بوقف العنف فورا.
وكان الأسد قد حذر قبيل اجتماع الدوحة من أن أي تدخل غربي ضد دمشق سيؤدي إلى "زلزال" من شأنه أن "يحرق المنطقة بأسرها".
الناتو من جهته، استبعد الأمين العام لحلف شمال الأطلسي أندرس فوغ راسموسن فرض منطقة حظر جوي على سوريا.
وقال راسموسن -أثناء زيارة مفاجئة للعاصمة الليبية طرابلس اليوم- ردا على سؤال عن احتمال أن يتزعم الحلف الآن منطقة حظر جوي فوق سوريا "الأمر مستبعد تماما. ليس لدينا أي نية للتدخل في سوريا".
وأضاف راسموسن أن الظروف في سوريا مختلفة عنها في ليبيا، وقال "اضطلعنا بمسؤولية العملية في ليبيا لوجود تفويض واضح من الأمم المتحدة، ولحصولنا على دعم قوي ونشط من بلدان المنطقة".
وتابع قائلا "في الواقع لقد أسهموا بشكل نشط في عملية الدرع الموحد. غير أن أيا من تلك الظروف لا يتوافر في سوريا. وفضلا عن ذلك فإن الحالتين مختلفتان. وعلينا اتخاذ القرارات في كل حالة وفق أوضاعها، وعموما لا يمكن مقارنة سوريا بليبيا".
إدانة وأضاف "بالتأكيد أدين حملة القوات الأمنية على المدنيين في سوريا وهو أمر شائن تماما والسبيل الوحيد للتحرك قدما في سوريا، كما هو في بلدان أخرى، هو تلبية التطلعات المشروعة للشعب السوري والأخذ بإصلاحات ديمقراطية".
وكان النشطاء السوريون قد ناشدوا المجتمع الدولي فرض منطقة حظر طيران على سوريا لحماية المدنيين وتشجيع المنشقين عن الجيش ضد نظام بشار الأسد.
سيسقط , وستوضع العصاية في مكانها , ان شاء الله
شكرا حمص
من القرداحة لحوران الشعب السوري ما بينهان
حابب بارك للشعب السوري ثورتو العظيمة على النظام القمعي المجرم اللي حكم سوريا بالحديد و النار ٤٠سنة و تحية خاصة لاهل حمص الابية و بوصيهن لا ينجروا للطائفية انا سعيد جدا لوطني و لو كنت ~علوي~
القديم القادم
الخبر الذي نشرته وكالة سانا هو التفسير لمغادرة الوفد بلا رد والخبر يتحدث عن أسماء معارضة بتمويل من الخارج علماً أن الغالبية من الأسماء هم مع النظام وليس ضده ومع بقائه بتعديلات طفيفة وفبركات وهمية ومنهم السيد برهان والسيد عبد اللطيف المنير وغيرهم لوهمنا بأنهم عملاء للخارج ويرفض الحوار معهم وبعد فترة يوافق على محاورتهم ويقول هاقد حاورنا الذين يقولون أنهم المعارضة الشريفة علماً أنهم يأتمرون من الخارج حسب سانا وماعجبكم العجب وماخلصت الأذمة وهكذا يتم اللف والدوران
muhmmad omoush
لو سوريا عندها نفط بجوز كان عملو حضر جوي بس مافي حدا لا تندهي مافي حدا عموما يارب تنصر شعب سوريا من اهل درعا وجسر الشغور وحلب وحمص وبانياس الله معكم وكل احرار سوريا وبالنسبة لبشار الاسد كما تدين تدان انشالله انت وماهر الاسد الله محي احرار سوريا
مصيبة سورية كبيرة
صحيح، سوريا ليست كليبيا، فمصيبة سوريا اكبر بكثير من مصيبة اي بلد آخر، والنظام السوري اكثر اجراماً وطائفيةً من اي نظام آخر
ابن الوطن
الولايات المتحدة
ولازال اللف و الدوران يجريان على قدم وساق من قبل نظام الأسد...
احمد شامي
بدنا تجميد عضوية سوريا والاعتراف بالمجلس الوطني
بدنا تجميد عضوية سوريا والاعتراف بالمجلس الوطني
القديم القادم
لذلكَ فتشوا عن خلفيات هؤلاء وستجدون كيفَ يمهدون الطريق للبقاء على النظام مع تعديلات وهمية ولايهمهم لا صوت الشعب ولامطالبهِ ولا الحظر الجوي ولا حتى صوت المعارضة الكردية وهمهم هو الإلتفاف على الثورة وتفريغها من محتواها واعتبارها أذمة وستنتهي حسب تقدير نظام القمـ سوري.
تحليل هادئ
لو كانت هذه المظاهرات في احدى دول الخليج هل سيتم التعامل معها بشكل مختلف؟، و لوكانت عصابات مسلحة تحمل السلاح هل سيتم التفاوض معها؟...
فلاح سعدون التميمي
ده الشعب تياره جارف ولاينام
الحقيقه تذكرني برسالة حسني مبارك لصدام وختمها صدام ده أمريكا أخرج من الكويت لاتدمر بلدك ورسالت السيد حافظ الاسد المرحوم لينصح صدام كذلك وهسه نحن عامة الشعب ننصح بشار وعلى عبدلله صالح الرئيس اليمني ده الشعب لاينام والاذلال والقتل والاهانات من جوركم ارحلوا قبل تكرار ماشاهدتوه للقبلكم وخصوصا القذافي المقذوف وشكرا للمتعضين
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Blogger comment:
Qatar playing the agent of Israel and America and the agent of Muslim and Arab world. They are playing very smart politics. The main goal is their survival, money and inheritance, anything new not really. When I tried to contact Al Jazzera to have a discussion of my views in the world and plan the Americans asked the Qatar tyrants to block me and they did. Similarly I tried to get into the media in Arab world and with the other tyrants they blocked me. Their also scholars with their Islamic conference and its president Qaradawi did not answer my e-mails. Qaradwai who stays in Qatar and have good connection and appeal to the Gulf tyrants decide to us who are the violent Muslim groups. He did not start our revolution and when he found that tyrants are falling he they went in attack. He is against America and Israel and I am not but he is very pro-Qatar and Al Saudia who are very pro-America and Israel. Thus the guy is for his personal interest. If he does not like what I say he to say publicly I am not Al Mahdi Al Muntazer. Going back to Syria we do not see that the tyrant of Syria respect or fear Qatar and the Gulf tyrants. The west did not show interest to help in Syria militarily. Thus we have no choice but strong stand against the Syrian tyrant. The secular Muslims, Muslims brothers, Salafi and all who say they are Muslims this is a big trial from God are we to stand with the Syrian people or to leave their tyrant to kill them because they told him we want to live in dignity and choose our leaders.

Al Mahdi Al Muntazer

Very Scary American Economy

By: Mage Taman

When I see the American debt, the number of foreclusers, bankruptcy, increase in poverity in America and the number of the American who do not have medical insurance I feel bad. I am American you like it or not. America is not a country but an idea. The people who led the American revolution looked at the world as a devine creator that he is over us and watching us and we are committed to him through how we deal with fellow men and women. They had the understanding that God interfere with the human history and favors who are standing for human liberity, dignity and human values. Americans feel that God is not standing in their side like they felt in the past. However, it is not that gloomy if we are to return to God.

Sunday, October 30, 2011



The Quran is completely different from all the other books in the world
When we study the Quran even superficially from the viewpoint of its wording, styles, and meaning, we will certainly conclude that it is completely different from all the other books in the world. So, in rank and worth it is either below all of them-even Satan cannot claim this, nor does he conceive of it-or above them. Since it is above all of them, it must be the Word of God.
The Quran, which he brought, has challenged all mankind with all their literary geniuses and scientists, from the first day of its revelation to the Last Day, to produce a like of it or even a single chapter of it
The Quran openly declares:
You (O Muhammad) was not a reader of any Scripture before it, nor did you write (such a Scripture) with your right hand, for then those who follow falsehood might (have a right) to doubt it. (al-Ankabut, 29.48)
It is an established, undeniable fact that the Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, was unlettered. Whereas the Quran, which he brought, has challenged all mankind with all their literary geniuses and scientists, from the first day of its revelation to the Last Day, to produce a like of it or even a single chapter of it:
If you are in doubt concerning that which We have sent down onto Our servant (Muhammad), then produce a chapter of the like thereof, and call your witnesses, supporters, who are apart from God, if you are truthful. (al-Baqara, 2.23)
Mankind have since been unable to produce a like of only one of its chapters, including, of course, its shortest ones like sura al-Ikhlas or sura al-Kawthar; those who have ventured to do that have all laid themselves open to ridicule. This is a clear proof for the Divine authorship of the Quran.
The Quran was revealed in 23 years, yet there are not any contradictory points in it
The revelation of the Quran lasted 23 years. It is inconceivable that any book written by a mortal being in 23 years, one which is a book of Divine truths, metaphysics, religious beliefs and worship, prayer, law and morality, a book fully describing the other life, a book of psychology, sociology, epistemology, and history, and a book containing scientific facts and the principles of a happy life, does not have any contradictory points. Whereas, the Quran openly declares that it has no contradictions at all and therefore is a Divine Book:
Will they not then ponder on the Quran? If it had been from other than God they would have found therein much contradiction and incongruity. (al-Nisa’, 4.82)
The Qur’an is beyond compare from the viewpoint of its styles and eloquence
The Quran is beyond compare from the viewpoint of its styles and eloquence. All the sentences, words and even letters used in the Quran form such a miraculous harmony that, with respect to rhythm, music, and even geometric proportions and mathematical measures, and with respect to how many times each is used in the whole of the Quran, each is in the exact place it must be and interwoven and interrelated with others. The literary masterpiece of no one, including the sayings of the Prophet himself, upon him be peace and blessings, cannot compete with the Quran.
Prophet Muhammad was unlettered and no one had heard him say even a couple of poetry. However, the Quran also challenged the known experts in poetry and oratory and forced them to surrender
In the period when the Quran was revealed, in addition to eloquence, poetry and oratory enjoyed great prestige in the Arabian peninsula. They used to hold poetry competitions and the poems of the winners write in gold and hang on the wall of the Ka‘ba. The Prophet Muhammad was, as everybody knows, unlettered and no one had heard him say even a couple of poetry. However, the Quran also challenged the known experts in these fields and forced them to surrender. When those who persisted in unbelief heard the Quran, they were captivated by it. Nevertheless, in order to prevent the spread of Islam, they labeled it as something magical and advised people not to listen to it. But when those, like Hansa and Lebid, who believed in the Quran, gave up inventing poetry after the Quran’s revelation in respect for and awe of its styles and eloquence, the unbelievers had to confess: ‘If we call it a piece of poetry, it is not. If we designate it a piece of rhymed prose, it is not. If we describe it as the word of a soothsayer, it is not.’ At times, they could not help listening to the Prophet’s recitation secretly at night but they could not overcome their arrogance and so believe in its Divine origin.
Arabic became so rich through the Quran and attained such a high level that it developed as the language of the most magnificent civilization of world history with all its scientific, religious, metaphysical, literary, economic, juridical, social and political aspects
Despite the high level poetry reached at that time, the vocabulary of Arabic was not as advanced as the same degree. It was difficult, even impossible, to express in it metaphysical ideas or scientific, religious and philosophical concepts. Restricted to the words and expressions to explain the thoughts and feelings of desert men and the simple life they led, this language became so rich through the Qur’an and attained such a high level that it developed as the language of the most magnificent civilization of world history with all its scientific, religious, metaphysical, literary, economic, juridical, social and political aspects. It is impossible for an unlettered one to prepare the ground for and give way to such a philological revolution unparalleled in human history.
Despite its apparent simplicity, the Quran has such depths of meaning that everyone from the commonest of people to the most high-ranking scholar, scientist and literary man, finds his share in it
Despite its apparent simplicity, the Quran has such depths of meaning that everyone from the commonest of people to the most high-ranking scholar, scientist and literary man, finds his share in it. The Quran is such a book that it illuminates the ways of both poets, musicians and orators, sociologists, psychologists, scientists, economists and jurists. Also, the founders of all the true spiritual orders and the schools of law and conduct found in it the principles of their orders and schools. The Quran has shown everybody the ways to solve their problems. It also satisfies everyone in his spiritual quests. Is there another book of the same character, quality and level next to the Quran?
No one has ever been heard to be bored with the recitation of the Quran
However beautiful and interesting, we can read a book at most two or three times and then are bored with it. However, no one has ever been heard to be bored with the recitation of the Quran. Hundreds of millions of Muslims recite portions from it in their five daily prayers and most of them recite it from beginning to end at least once a year. There have been hundreds of thousands of people reciting it from the beginning to the end once or twice or even three times a month. The more frequently one recites it, the more one benefits from it and the more desire one feels to recite it. One never gets tired of it, its wording, meaning and content, nor does the Quran lose anything of its originality and freshness. As time passes, it breathes into minds and souls new truths and meanings, thus increasing them in activity and liveliness.
The Quran describes man with all his physical and spiritual aspects and contains principles to solve all the problems that may appear at any time and in any place concerning all the social, economic, juridical, political and administrative fields of life. Furthermore, it satisfies both the mind and spirit at the same time and guarantees happiness in both worlds.
However great a genius one may be, it is impossible for one to establish rules to solve all kinds of problems that mankind may encounter until the Last Day. Even the best of systems that do not originate in the Quran or the Divine Revelation cannot last without undergoing revisions at least every 50 years. More important than this, none of those systems can promise man eternal happiness; the principles of all of them are restricted to the worldly life, which is transient and infinitely short when compared to the afterlife. By contrast, none of the principles which the Quran laid down centuries ago has become outmoded and worn-out with the passage of time, nor do they have any defects or shortcomings. For example, the Quran enjoins that wealth should not become a means of prosperity circulated only among the rich (al-Hashr, 59.7); that government offices should be entrusted to competent persons qualified for them and absolute justice should be the rule in public administration and judging between people (al-Nisa’, 4.58), and it lays down that a man has only that for which he makes effort (al-Najm, 53.39) and that whoever kills a human being unjustly is as if he had killed all mankind (al-Ma’ida, 5.32). All such eternal, golden principles and many others like the prohibition of usury, gambling, alcohol and all kinds of illicit intercourse, and the injunctions with respect to praying, fasting, alms-giving and good conduct-principles strengthened through love and fear of God and through the promise of an eternal, happy life and fear of the eternal punishment of Hell-constitute another undeniable proof for the Divine authorship of the Quran.
The Quran unveils the mystery of man, creation and the universe
Also, the Qur’an unveils the mystery of man, creation and the universe. These three creatures of God, that is, man, the Qur’an and the universe, are the three ‘books’ which make the Creator known to us. They are the three versions or expressions of the same truth. Therefore, the One Who has created man and the universe is He Who has revealed the Qur’an.
The Qur’an is the embodiment of Muhammad in words or Muhammad is the embodiment of the Qur’an in belief and conduct
You cannot find one who does exactly what he tells others to do or one whose work exactly reflects himself. However, the Qur’an is exactly identical with the Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, who received it from God and designed his life according to it. It may be said that the Qur’an is the embodiment of Muhammad in words or Muhammad is the embodiment of the Qur’an in belief and conduct. They are the two expressions of the same truth. When asked about the conduct of Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, ‘A’isha Siddiqa answered: ‘Don’t you read the Qur’an? The conduct of Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, consisted in the Qur’an.’ This clearly shows that both the Qur’an and Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, are the works of God Almighty.
Even though revealed in parts on certain occasions, the Qur’an is equally universal and objective where it deals with particular issues as it is exact and precise where it deals with universal matters
A writer usually writes under the influence of the conditions surrounding him. It is almost impossible to find a writer, whether he be a realist or idealist or even a science-fiction writer, who can write completely detached from the conditions surrounding him. By contrast, even though revealed in parts on certain occasions, the Qur’an is equally universal and objective where it deals with particular issues as it is exact and precise where it deals with universal matters. It uses precise expressions even while describing the beginning of creation and end of time and the creation of man and his future life in the other world. Also, just as it sometimes draws universal conclusions from particular events, so too it sometimes goes from universal principles to particular events. This is typical of the Qur’anic style, which is impossible to find in any human work and is, therefore, another sign of its Divine origin.
The Qur’an contains at least the principles of all the branches of knowledge either in summary or detail and not even a single piece of the knowledge it contains has ever been contradicted.
There has been no one in human history who has written books accurate to the same degree on both religion and law and sociology and psychology and eschatology and morality and history and literature and so on. However, the Qur’an contains at least the principles of all the branches of knowledge either in summary or detail and not even a single piece of the knowledge it contains has ever been contradicted. Must this not be enough for one unprejudiced to acknowledge its Divine origin?
“As time passes, the Qur’an grows ever younger.”
Which writer can claim that whatever he writes is absolutely correct and cannot be contradicted until the Last Day? At a time when the conclusions of science soon become ‘outmoded’ and worn-out and even the previous Divine Scriptures such as the Torah and Gospels undergo continuous alterations-even a superficial study of the issues of the Bible published in different times and in different languages will be enough to see the great alterations it has undergone-the truths of the Qur’an retain their freshness or, in the words of Said Nursi, ‘as time passes, the Qur’an grows ever younger.’ Despite all the efforts to find mistakes and contradictions in it exerted since the beginning of its revelation, it has remained unchanged and displayed its uniqueness, conquering every day new hearts and its hidden unlimited treasures being discovered one by one or growing to full bloom like a heavenly rose with countless petals.
The Qur’an addresses and legislates for all in all times
However knowledgeable you are and if you are famous for your truthfulness, can you speak on behalf of the president, the prime minister and all of the ministers, and also on behalf of the associations of literary men, lawyers and craftsmen, and the board of university lecturers and scientists? If you can, can you claim that you represented them all as perfectly as each would want you to? If you can, can you legislate for all the affairs of the country? This is just what the Prophet achieved through the Qur’an. Now, how can you claim that an unlettered one, who had had nothing to do with any such affairs until his fortieth year, achieved this without Divine inspiration and support?
If Prophet Muhammad had written the Qur’an by himself, he should never have mentioned some incidents concerning him.
However slight, there are some admonitions for the Prophet in the Qur’an.
No one, especially if that one claims Prophethood, mentions a grave slander against his wife in the book he writes by himself. Whereas, the Qur’an gives an important place to the slander hypocrites uttered against ‘A’isha, the Prophet’s wife.
In order to show practically that Islam does not allow any racial discrimination and that superiority is only by piety and righteousness, not by birth, color, race, wealth or position, the Prophet married Zaynab, a noble woman from the Hashimites, to Zayd, an emancipated black slave. However, verses revealed later ordered that, in order to put an end to an established false tradition-namely, neither adoption nor any other way of declaring someone a son can create a legal relationship comparable to the relationship of children and natural parents, and there is no difficulty and sin for believers in marriage with the divorced wives of those whom they once adopted as sons-the Prophet should marry Zaynab. This marriage was very difficult for God’s Messenger to enter into, but since it was ordered by God, he had no way out other than fulfilling it. As ‘A’isha would later say, if the Prophet, upon him be peace and blessings, would have concealed something of the Qur’an, he would have concealed this order and would not have married Zaynab. Also, if he had written the Qur’an by himself, he would never have mentioned this incident.
Abu Talib, the Prophet’s uncle to whose safeguarding ‘Abd al-Muttalib entrusted him, undertook the Prophet’s maintenance when he was yet eight years old and, after his declaration of Prophethood, protected him against the Quraysh for ten years. The Prophet, upon him be peace and blessings, loved his uncle very deeply and desired his conversion very much. However, a verse came and admonished the Prophet against this desire of his which nearly drove him to death: You guide not whom you love, but God guides whom He wills. He is best aware of those who are guided (al-Qasas, 28.56). What would have prevented the Prophet, if he were the author of the Qur’an, from falsely declaring that his uncle had accepted Islam?
There are answers to many such questions in the Quran that one who does not have an all-encompassing knowledge could not have answered them.
There are many verses in the Quran beginning with ‘They ask you’ and continue with ‘Say (in answer)’. These verses were revealed to answer the questions put to the Prophet by Muslims and non-Muslims, including especially the Jews of Madina. The questions asked were about lawful or unlawful things, the distribution of war spoils, the mansions of the moon, the Judgment Day, Dhu’l-Qarnayn (one of the ancient kings who made great conquests in Asia and Africa), the spirit and so on. One who does not have an all-encompassing knowledge cannot answer such questions. But the answers given by the unlettered Prophet, upon him be peace and blessings, satisfied everybody and no one could object to him. This shows that he was taught by God, the All-Knowing.
To claim that Muhammad-God forbid such a thought!- invented the Quran means that Muhammad, who was known as Muhammad the Trustworthy, was-we beg forgiveness for having to narrate such a false claim-the greatest liar and cheat history has ever known.
As was explained earlier, the Prophet lived a very austere life and never pursued any worldly gains or aims like fame, rulership, wealth and having beautiful women. Furthermore, he had to resist hardships and persecutions of the severest kind. To claim that Muhammad-God forbid such a thought!- invented the Quran means that Muhammad, who was known as Muhammad the Trustworthy, was-we beg forgiveness for having to narrate such a false claim- the greatest liar and cheat history has ever known. What might have caused him to falsely claim Prophethood despite the severest of deprivations and persecutions? To accuse the Prophet Muhammad of falsely claiming Prophethood and attribute the Quran to him, is the most groundless and the most degrading and meanest of accusations.
Although other Prophets like Moses and Jesus are mentioned many times in the Quran despite the Jews’ and Christians’ denial of Muhammad, we come across the name Muhammad only four times
The Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, saw much resistance from the Jews and Christians. He had to fight against the Jews of Madina several times and expel them from the city. Despite this, the Quran mentions the Prophet Moses, the Prophet sent to the Israelites, about 500 times, while the name of Muhammad is mentioned in the Quran only four times. The Quran also mentions the Prophet Jesus many times. Is it conceivable that one who falsely claims Prophethood ever mentions the Prophets of the peoples who show him great hostility?
The Quran’s mention of previous Prophets, including especially Moses and Jesus, upon them be peace, and the Christians’ and Jews’ denial of Muhammad’s Prophethood and the Divine authorship of the Quran, is an undeniable proof of the Prophethood of Muhammad and the Divine authorship of the Quran and that the Christians’ and Jews’ denial comes from purely false reasons like jealousy, prejudice and selfishness.
It is another argument for the Divine authorship of the Quran that it refers to certain facts of creation recently established by modern scientific methods
It is another argument for the Divine authorship of the Quran that it refers to certain facts of creation recently established by modern scientific methods. How, except on account of its Divine authorship, is it possible for the Quran to be literally true on matters of which people had not the least inkling at the time when it was revealed? For example, if the Quran were not a Divine Revelation, would it have been possible for it to contain such a verse as this: Do not the unbelievers realize that the heavens and the earth were one unit of creation before we split them asunder? (al-Anbiya’, 21.20).
Whether the Quran really does refer, explicitly or implicitly, to the kinds of facts the sciences deal with, and the relationship between the Quran and modern sciences, are matters of considerable controversy among Muslim intellectuals. We should therefore treat the subject at length.
All of the six sides or aspects of the Quran are luminous and demonstrate its truth. From below, it is supported upon the pillars of proofs and evidences (rational, scientific, historical, and those pertaining to conscience and sound judgment, and so on); above it, are gleams of the seal of miraculousness: it aims at happiness in both worlds; and behind it are, another point of support, the truths of the Divine Revelation. To its right is the unanimous confirmation of guided reasons based on proofs; and to its left are the intellectual and spiritual contentment of those with sound heart and conscience, and their sincere attachment and submission to it. All these together bear witness that the Quran is an absolutely formidable, extraordinary and unconquerable stronghold which the hand of heaven established on the earth, and set their seal of admission of it as a faultless, true Word of God. The Administrator of the universe, Who always acts in a way to manifest unity, protect virtuousness and goodness, and extirpate falsehood and slander, has given the Quran the most acceptable, high and dominant rank of respect and success, and thereby confirmed its truth.
Also, the person who is the interpreter of the Quran, upon him be peace and blessings, believed in it and respected it more than anything and anybody else. He went into a sleep-like state during the revelation of its verses and confirmed and preached all of its decrees and commandments with utmost conviction and without exhibiting any deception and error to eyes wide open always to catch him, and without anything to shake him. Despite being unlettered, having founded on the Quran, he gave, without hesitation, news and information about the past and future and about the facts of creation and operation of the universe. Other sayings of his do not resemble the Quran and are inferior to it in certain respects. All this together proves that the Quran is the true, heavenly and blessed Word of that person’s Merciful Creator.
The fifth of mankind or even the majority of them in certain cases have always had an ecstatic and religious devotion to the Quran and listened to it lovingly and in adoration of truth, and as is testified to by numerous observations, signs, and events, as moths fly round a light, angels, believing jinn and other spirit beings gather together around it during its recitation. This also confirms that the Quran is accepted by almost all the beings in the universe and is of the highest rank.
Also, all the groups of mankind with different levels of understanding and learning, from the commonest to the most intelligent and learned, derive their share from the teaching of the Quran, and all the greatest scholars in Islamic sciences such as jurisprudence, theology, and religious methodology, have found in the Quran the answers to all of their questions and based their conclusions upon it. This is another evidence that the Quran is the source of truths, the mine of all true knowledge.
Furthermore, although among the unbelieving Arab literary men those who have been the most advanced in literature, have always felt much need to dispute with the Quran, they have been unable to do that even in eloquence, which is only one of the seven major aspects of the Quran’s miraculousness, and have not dared to produce the like of even one of its suras. The others, geniuses of learning and eloquence, who by disputing with it in eloquence have sought fame, have been compelled to refrain from doing so. This clearly shows that the Quran is a miracle, beyond the capacity of mankind.
Indeed, in order to judge the value, sublimity, and eloquence of a word it is asked: ‘Who has spoken it? To whom has it been spoken? Why has it been spoken?’ When considered from the perspective of these questions, again the Quran has no equal. For the Quran is the Word of the Lord of all beings and the Speech of the Creator of the whole of the universe which bears no signs to suggest that it is a book of imitation, one fabricated by someone and then falsely attributed to God. God revealed the Quran to the one whom He chose as the representative of all the creatures, one who is His most famous and renowned addressee, and the extent and strength of whose faith embraced the comprehensive religion of Islam and caused its owner to rise to the rank of the distance of two bows’ length, and being honored with direct conversation with the Eternally Besought-of-All, after which he turned back to the world to convey to people the principles of happiness in both worlds. The Quran explains the principles of happiness in both worlds and the results of, and the Divine purpose in, the creation of the universe, and expounds the Prophet’s most comprehensive faith, which sustains all the truths of Islam: it shows and describes the huge universe like a map or a clock or a house and teaches about the Artist Who made it. Certainly it is impossible to produce a like of it or to match the degree of its eloquence.
In addition, numerous collections of books on the interpretation of the Quran, some of which cover as many as forty or even seventy volumes-written by meticulous scholars of the highest intelligence and learning-expound with proofs countless virtues of the Quran and its subtleties and mysteries, and disclose and affirm its numerous predictions. Among them, the one hundred and thirty treatises of the Risale-i Nur explain each virtue and subtlety of the Quran, such as its allusions to the scientific and technical wonders of modern civilization like trains and aircrafts and electricity, and its indirect references to future victories of Muslims and the history of the Companions after the Prophet, and the meaningful and mysterious design of its letters. All this means setting a seal on the fact that the Quran is a miracle with no equals and the Word of the Knower of the Unseen, which is the tongue of the world of the Unseen in this visible world of corporeality.
It is because of such virtues of the Quran that its magnificent spiritual dominion and its majestic sacred rule has been continuing for centuries to illuminate the earth and the ages, time and space, and more and more people have been embracing it with perfect respect. It is because of the same virtues, that each letter of the Quran yields at least the merits, ten rewards, and ten fruits pertaining to the eternal world, and that the letters of certain verses and suras, each give hundreds or even thousands of merits, and when recited on certain blessed occasions, the light and merits of each of its letters multiply by tens or hundreds. The world-traveler came to understand this and said to himself: ‘Based on the consensus of its lights and mysteries, and the concord of its fruits and results, this Quran, miraculous in every respect, proves and testifies to the existence, unity, attributes, and Names of a single Necessarily Existent One in such a manner that the testimonies of innumerable believers have their sources from that testimony.’
In a brief reference to the instruction which that traveler has taken from the Quran about faith and the Unity of God, we say:
There is no god but God-the Necessarily Existent One, the One, the Single-the necessity of Whose existence in His Oneness the Quran of miraculous exposition decisively proves, which is accepted and sought for by the species of angels, human beings and jinn; all of whose verses are recited in every minute with perfect respect by the tongues of millions of human beings; whose sacred rule in the regions of the earth and the realms of space and on the faces of ages and time; whose enlightened spiritual dominion has prevailed with perfect splendor over half of the globe and a fifth of humankind for fourteen centuries... Likewise, with the consensus of its heavenly and sacred suras, and the agreement of its luminous Divine verses, and the correspondence of its mysteries and lights, and the concord of its truths, and results, it manifestly attests, and is a clear proof of, this same truth.

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Bashar like the other Arab tyrants: It is me or the extremists

الأسد: تدخل الغرب سيقسم المنطقة
الأسد حذر من "زلزال" قال إنه سيحرق الشرق الأوسط إذا تدخل الغرب في سوريا (رويترز-أرشيف)حذر الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد من "زلزال" سيحرق الشرق الأوسط إذا تدخل الغرب في بلاده لتقسيمها. ويأتي هذا التحذير قبيل اجتماع في الدوحة اليوم الأحد بين ممثلين عن الجامعة العربية ودمشق.
وقال الأسد -في مقابلة مع صحيفة صنداي تلغراف البريطانية، مخاطبا القوى الغربية "سوريا هي المحور الآن في المنطقة. إنها خط الصدع, وإذا لعبتم بالأرض فستسببون زلزالا. هل تريدون أن تروا أفغانستان أخرى.. عشرات من (أمثال) أفغانستان؟".
وأضاف "أي مشكلة في سوريا ستحرق المنطقة بالكامل. إذا كانت الخطة هي تقسيم سوريا فسيعني ذلك تقسيم كل المنطقة". وأقر الأسد بأن قواته اقترفت أخطاء عديدة بداية الاحتجاجات التي اندلعت منتصف مارس/ آذار الماضي, لكنه قال إن "الإرهابيين" وحدهم يجري استهدافهم الآن.
واعتبر الأسد أن الصراع الجاري حاليا في سوريا هو "صراع بين الأسلمة والقومية العربية". وقال بهذا الصدد "لقد ظللنا نحارب الإخوان المسلمين من خمسينيات القرن الماضي وما زلنا نحاربهم".

مزيد من القتلى سقطوا برصاص الأمن السوري بعدة مناطق منها حمص وحماة (الجزيرة)وتوقع أن تزيد الدول الغربية من ضغوطها تدريجيا, وقال "سوريا تختلف في كل ناحية من النواحي عن مصر وتونس واليمن، فالتاريخ مختلف، والسياسة كذلك".
وأقر الأسد بأن قواته اقترفت "العديد من الأخطاء" في المراحل الأولى من الانتفاضة، غير أنه أكد أن المستهدفين الآن هم "الإرهابيون" وحدهم".
وقال "لدينا قلة قليلة من الشرطة، والجيش وحده هو المدرب على التصدي للقاعدة. فإذا أرسلت جيشك إلى الشوارع فإن الشيء نفسه سيحدث. الآن نحن نقاتل الإرهابيين فقط، ولهذا السبب تراجع القتال كثيرا".
وأصر الأسد على أنه رد على ثورات الربيع العربي بطريقة مختلفة عن الطغاة العرب الآخرين. وقال بهذا الصدد "نحن لم نسلك درب الحكومات العنيدة. فما إن مضت ستة أيام على بدء الاحتجاجات حتى شرعنا في الإصلاح. كان الناس مرتابين من أن تلك الإصلاحات ما هي إلا تخدير للشعب، لكننا ما إن بدأنا نُعلن الإصلاحات حتى بدأت المشاكل في التراجع".
الموقف العربيوقد أدان وزراء خارجية جامعة الدول العربية أمس سوريا على "استمرارها في قتل المدنيين".ومن المقرر أن تلتقي اليوم بالدوحة اللجنة الوزارية العربية التي ترأسها قطر ممثلين عن نظام الأسد لبحث سبل الخروج من الأزمة في سوريا, وهو اجتماع قد يكون الفرصة الأخيرة قبل اتخاذ موقف عربي من الأحداث.
وقال الأمين العام للجامعة نبيل العربي -في تصريحات لصحيفة الشروق المصرية- إنه يشك في أن اللجنة ستقوم بزيارات أخرى إلى دمشق. وأوضح أن زيارة اللجنة لدمشق الخميس الماضي لم تشهد أي تقدم من الجانب السوري بشأن ما تطلبه الجامعة من وقف العنف, وإطلاق المعتقلين, والشروع في عملية إصلاح سياسي حقيقي لحل الأزمة.

رد سوريا على الجامعة العربية لم يقدم حلا للأزمة (الأوروبية-أرشيف)وكانت اللجنة الوزارية قد أرسلت أمس رسالة إلى السلطات السورية عبرت فيها عن امتعاضها من استمرار الحملات الأمنية التي أوقعت أول أمس الجمعة أكثر من أربعين قتيلا في صفوف المدنيين, وردت دمشق باستغراب هذا الموقف.
ونقلت وكالة أنباء الشرق الأوسط المصرية الرسمية عن اللجنة أنها عبرت عن أملها بأن تقوم الحكومة السورية باتخاذ ما يلزم لحماية المدنيين, وتتطلع إلى لقاء مع المسؤولين السوريين بالدوحة للوصول لنتائج جدية وإيجاد مخرج.في مقابل ذلك, نقلت وسائل الإعلام الرسمية عن مصدر بالخارجية السورية قوله إن بيان اللجنة الوزارية "يستند أساسا إلى أكاذيب إعلامية بثتها قنوات التحريض المغرضة". وطالب اللجنة الوزارية بأن تساعد على التهدئة والتوصل إلى حل يسهم في تحقيق الأمن والاستقرار في سوريا "بدلا من إذكاء نار الفتنة".
جاء ذلك بينما دعا ناشطون سوريون إلى تنظيم مظاهرات تحت عنوان "أحد تجميد العضوية.. أوقفوا دعمكم للقتلة" في دعوة إلى الجامعة العربية لتجميد عضوية سوريا للضغط على النظام الحاكم.
وأوضح الناشطون على مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي أن الجيش السوري واصل عملياته في حمص بوسط البلاد، بينما تواصلت الاعتقالات في مناطق متفرقة. تصعيد ميدانيجاء ذلك في وقت تصاعدت فيه وتيرة العمليات التي تشنها القوات السورية خاصة في حمص,, كما تصاعدت الاشتباكات بينها وبين المنشقين عن الجيش.
وقال ناشطون إن عشرين مدنيا قتلوا أمس بعمليات عسكرية وأمنية شملت عددا من المحافظات على رأسها حمص. وذكرت صفحة "الثورة السورية ضد بشار الأسد" أن عدد قتلى الاحتجاجات على مدار اليومين الماضيين ارتفع إلى ستين قتيلا.
وطبقا للأمم المتحدة فإن ثلاثة آلاف مدني على الأقل -من بينهم 187 طفلا- قُتلوا في المظاهرات ضد النظام، وزُج بآلاف آخرين في السجون. وتقول الحكومة إن 1200 من قوات الأمن لقوا مصرعهم أيضا.
تعليقات القراء
التعليقات المنشورة لا تعبر عن رأي الجزيرة وإنما تعبر عن رأي أصحابها
مواطن عادي
غريب اننا لا نسمع احداً يتكلم عن التقسيم والطائفية سوى سيادة الرئيس هذا... يا ترى من الذي يسعى لاثارة النعرات الطائفية والتقسيم؟؟ ذكرني بمقولة فرّق تسد (يا أسد).
ابو عبدالله السوري
بشار سيسقط وسورية ستعود موحدة
واذا كان الأسد يعزف على وتر الأقليات السورية فنحن نطمئنه ان طل الطوائف السورية حسبت حساباتها جيداً ووصلت الى النتيجة ان كل من يركب قارب العائلةالأسدية الغارق سيكون خاسراً
مجد السوري
الله يحميك أبو حافظ .و ينصرك على أعداءك ،كل العالم يعرف أن المجموعات المخربة في سوريا هي من يخلق الفوضى و يقتل الأمان في نفوس الناس ،لكن للأسف يعرفون و ينكرون. على العهد باقون معك يا أسد
بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم. أتوقع أن الغرب لن يحارب بشار ،وذالك هي إستراتيجية مزدوجة،أولا، حتى تدمّر سوريا أكثر ويضعف الطرفين، وهو في صالح بني صهبون، وثانيا لا يتدخل الغرب حتى تصل المعارضة إلى درجة من الخطر وتجبر على قبول المساعدة بالأسلحة من بني صهون ،ليكسب بني صهيون ودّ المعارضة وتضمن حكومة سورية الجديدة بقاء عصابة بني صهيون على أرض فلسطبن وفي الوجود.
يا ناس هذا هو مخطط الشرق أوسط الجديد يتشكل الأن فأنظروا ماذا حدث في ليبيا او يحدث باليمن او ما يوحاولون فعله في سورية. أنا لست مع الحكام و لكن لا تدخلوا معنا من ليس منا.
أرجو من السادة العرب الأفاضل ترك السوريين وشئنهم,,, فما حدث وماذا سوف يحدث بسوريا سببه الفساد الحكومي وتأمر العرب على سوريا الوطن والمقاومة,وجهل الشعوب العربية التي مازالت تسير كالقطعان ,
ياسيادة الريئس كنت اعتبرك أفضل حاكم عربي ؛ وبالفعل كنت ستكون أفضل حاكم لو وضعتك الأقدار على راس نضام ديمقراطي ؛أما و أنت الأن زعيم لنضام ضالم غاشم ،نكل بالأبرياء من الأطفال و الشباب ؛و يتم أسر ؛فلا يسعني إلا أن أقول لك تنحى تريح و ترتاح و الزلزال الدي تحدث عنه لن يصيب إلا الأنضمة الدكتاتورية
سنديان سوريا
سوريا الحبيبه
حقدكم يقتلكم غيظكم يفجر عقولكم فتهتم في صحراء كراهية الحق ..ايها الصعاليك والمرتزقه الذين ترمون سوريا وشعبها بقنابل قذارتكم ..هل انساكم غيظكم وفشلكم ان سوريا الحبيبه هي صورة الحق على الارض .. سوريا يافاقدي البصر و البصيرة هي سومرو اكاد وكلدان واشور وكنعان ....وجميع هؤلاء يقولون لكم ..ستبقى سوريا و..سيبقى البشار..
عطشان السقا
ذراع دجلة
يبدو ان استعمارا بطريقة جديدة بدأ بالفعل يحتل بلادنا وسقط كثيرون منا في فخه .. ولأننا نيام طول المدى سنستيقظ على كابوس ، كعادتنا .. لأننا كعرب غادرنا الحلم ، في منامنا ، وغادرناه في يقظتنا .. هنيئا لاسرائيل وأمريكا والغرب ، لسباتنا الأبدي ، بدأنا فعلا طريق الهاوية حين خلق لنا الأعداء الحقيقيين ، أعداء جدد من بيننا كعرب ومسلمين .. ولا أريد ان اسمي .. المهم شكرا لسذاجتنا ، لأننا طيبون وسط عالم خبيث .
تنسيقية الثورة السورية
الصراع الحالي في سورية هو صراع بين الخير والشر
وليس بين الأسلمة والقومية العربية لأن ثوار سورية يحاربون القتلة والمجرمين والمرتشين والفاسدين وتجار المخدرات والتجار المحتكرين مصاصي الدماء والشبيحة الأغبياء وجلادي النظام العلوي من عناصر الأمن اللذين يمثلون اجمعهم قوى الشر
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Blogger comment:
The Syrian tyrant wants to play politics with all the Iranians and the west. He is the buffer against the extremists. The equation is very simple: Bashar and his corrupt regime will play you all to try to survive. Bashar is willing like Qaddafi to kill all his people to stay in power like his father did. The Syrian people said it you to step down and they have the right to choose their leaders in fair election. Just let you know your corrupt people are both Alawi and Sunni stop playing games.

The Arab Revolutions small steps or major steps

By: Maged Taman

The revolutions need to accomplish a lot some says short steps, but I see it can be big steps. It is like you need to build new house, if you know all steps and have most of the parts available you will be building quickly. It amazes a lot of us how a house in America can be built in one to two months. This is the way it will work in the Arab world. If you know well how to bring good governess you will do it right it is knowledge and wisdom:
1- Find the right system, read in my web the Taman Health Plan and the Moral Utopia project.
2- Find the right people.
3- Separate the media from politicians the media one side and politicians one side. The politicians will tell the media or may be me find what we are doing if there is something wrong tell us and help us how to correct it. Do not worry about who take the credit it will be all of us since the next generations who will have an easy life will be very grateful and amazed how we did it.
4- As the writer Tawfik Al Hakim used to say it is enough for a man with great spirit to rise that the world will rise after or with him, that is may be why the west do not like you to know me. They rather see a tyrant in place unless it affects their interest. I will not a president or king or what ever it is full time job to be the guided one, it is Davine. I can be the guy behind a president or so but it will not be appropriate for me to be president.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Qardawi and The Saudi-Gulf Agenda

القرضاوي: لا يصح رفع أية شعارات سياسية في الحج
موقع القرضاوي
آخر تحديث:17:30 (مكة) الجمعة 02 ذو الحجة 1432هـ -2011/10/28م

قال العلامة الدكتور يوسف القرضاوي إنه لا يصح رفع أية شعارات سياسية أو إثارة النعرات الطائفية في الأماكن المقدسة خلال أداء مناسك الحج، ودعا أهل العلم والفكر والدعوة في الأمة إلى العمل على مقاومة النزعات العصبية والدعوات العلمانية التي تفرق الأمة، مؤكدا أن شعيرة الحج تعلمنا أن نحيا بروح الأمة الواحدة.
وقال رئيس الاتحاد العالمي لعلماء المسلمين في حديث لصحيفة عكاز السعودية إن من يثير النعرات الطائفية ويرفع الشعارات السياسية في الحج يحدث فتنة في الحج الإسلامي، وفي المجتمع الإسلامي، ويحدث نوعا من أنواع الإلحاد في الحرم، لافتا إلى قوله تعالى { وَمَنْ يُرِدْ فِيهِ بِإِلْحَادٍ بِظُلْمٍ نُذِقْهُ مِنْ عَذَابٍ أَلِيمٍ}، مبينا أن المراد بالآية نهي الحاج وتحذيره من جميع المعاصي، مشيرا إلى أن القرطبي ذكر في تفسيره للآية ستة أقوال، منها: أن الإنسان يعاقب على ما ينويه من المعاصي بمكة، وإن لم يعمله، ومشيرا كذلك إلى قوله تعالى: {فَلا رَفَثَ وَلا فُسُوقَ وَلا جِدَالَ فِي الْحَجِّ}، حيث قال ابن مسعود وابن عباس وعطاء: الجدال هنا أن تماري مسلما حتى تغضبه فينتهي إلى السباب، وخلص إلى أن ربنا يريد من الحج أن يكون رحلة سلام خالصة من كل ما يعكرها.
ودعا القرضاوي أهل العلم والفكر والدعوة في الأمة إلى العمل على مقاومة النزعات العصبية والدعوات العلمانية التي تفرق الأمة الواحدة، وتمزق كيانها، وتحولها إلى أمم شتى، يجافي بعضها بعضا، مؤكدا أن شعيرة الحج تعلمنا أن نحيا بروح الأمة الواحدة، إن لم يكن عملا وتطبيقا، وهذا هو الواجب، فعلى الأقل فكرا وشعورا «وَإِنَّ هَذِهِ أُمَّتُكُمْ أُمَّةً وَاحِدَةً وَأَنَا رَبُّكُمْ فَاتَّقُونِ».
وأكد أن موسم الحج هو موسم لأداء فريضة دينية عظيمة، والجدال فيه يعتبر مساسا بالركن الخامس من أركان الإسلام، فالحج من أعظم شعائر الإسلام وأحد أركانه الخمسة، واستغلال هذه الفريضة لأغراض سياسية مشبوهة أو لتحقيق أهداف ومآرب لا علاقة لها بمقاصد الحج الشرعية، يخرج هذه العبادة عن حقيقتها، ويخالف أحكام الشريعة الإسلامية.
وقال الشيخ القرضاوي إن الله سبحانه وتعالى أوجب على عبادة المؤمنين البراءة من المشركين في كل وقت وحين، وقد أنزل الله سبحانه وتعالى على نبيه صلى الله عليه وسلم هذه الآية: {براءة من الله ورسوله إلى الذين عاهدتم من المشركين}، مشيرا إلى قول ابن كثير في تفسيره: لما رجع رسول الله من غزوة تبوك وهم بالحج، ثم ذكر له أن المشركين يحضرون عامهم هذا الموسم على عادتهم في ذلك، وأنهم يطوفون بالبيت عراة، فكره مخالطتهم، فبعث أبا بكر الصديق، رضي الله عنه، أميرا على الحج هذه السنة، ليقيم للناس مناسكهم، ويعلم المشركين ألا يحجوا بعد عامهم هذا، وأن ينادي في الناس ببراءة، فلما قفل أتبعه بعلي بن أبي طالب ليكون مبلغا عن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم، لكونه عصبة له.
وبين أن الأحاديث جاءت بأن البراءة كانت من أربعة أشياء: أن لا يطوف بالكعبة عريان، ومن كان له عهد مع رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم فعهده إلى مدته، ولا يدخل الجنة إلا نفس مؤمنة، ولا يحج بعد عامنا مشرك، موضحا أن هذا هو المشروع في أمر البراءة، الذي صحت به الأحاديث، وما قاله علماء التفسير.
وشدد على أن القيام بالمسيرات والمظاهرات في موسم الحج في مكة المكرمة لإعلان البراءة من المشركين، لم يفعله الصحابة بعد وفاة الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم، ولم يفعله النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم في حجة الوداع.
ولفت إلى أن هذا المنسك العظيم يصهر ما بين الأمة من فوارق العرق والدين واللغة والإقليم والطبقة، ويوحدها مخبرا ومظهرا، حتى يشعر الجميع بأنهم أمة واحدة كما أراد الله لهم، لا أمم شتى كما أراد لهم أعداؤهم، أمة وحدتها العقيدة، ووحدتها العبادة، ووحدها التشريع، ووحدتها الأخلاق، ووحدتها الآداب، ووحدتها المفاهيم، ووحدها تجمع أعدائهم عليهم، وتولي بعضهم بعضا، كما قال تعالى { وَالَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا بَعْضُهُمْ أَوْلِيَاءُ بَعْضٍ إِلَّا تَفْعَلُوهُ تَكُنْ فِتْنَةٌ فِي الْأَرْضِ وَفَسَادٌ كَبِيرٌ}. ولا غرو أن سمى الله المسلمين في كتابه "أمة" فقال تعالى {وَكَذَلِكَ جَعَلْنَاكُمْ أُمَّةً وَسَطًا لِتَكُونُوا شُهَدَاءَ عَلَى النَّاسِ وَيَكُونَ الرَّسُولُ عَلَيْكُمْ شَهِيدًا} وقال عز وجل { كُنْتُمْ خَيْرَ أُمَّةٍ أُخْرِجَتْ لِلنَّاسِ تَأْمُرُونَ بِالْمَعْرُوفِ وَتَنْهَوْنَ عَنِ الْمُنْكَرِ وَتُؤْمِنُونَ بِاللَّهِ} وقال سبحانه { إِنَّ هَذِهِ أُمَّتُكُمْ أُمَّةً وَاحِدَةً وَأَنَا رَبُّكُمْ فَاعْبُدُونِ}.
قيمة الحج
ورأى القرضاوي أن خصوم الإسلام عرفوا قيمة الحج في توحيد الأمة، وإيقاظها، وتعريفها بذاتها، وتنبيهها من غفلاتها، ومما يذكر في ذلك ما كتبه رئيس حملة التبشير التي اجتاحت مصر في أوائل القرن العشرين، أن الإسلام سيظل في مصر صخرة عاتية تتحطم عليها محاولات التبشير المسيحي، ما دام للإسلام هذه الدعائم الأربع: القرآن، والأزهر، واجتماع الجمعة الأسبوعي، ومؤتمر الحج السنوي، مشيرا إلى أن المبشر أدرك ما يصنعه "مؤتمر الحج" الكبير بروحانيته وإيحاءاته وشعائره ومشاعره في أنفس المسلمين، وكيف يربطهم بأصولهم، ويذكرهم بهويتهم وتميزهم، ويعيد كلا منهم تائبا إلى ربه، طاهرا مغتسلا من خطاياه، كيوم ولدته أمه، فهو ميلاد جديد للمسلم، مؤكدا على أن أهم درس يتعلمه المسلم من الحج: أنه ينتمي إلى أمة كبيرة، أمة واحدة.. أمة القبلة، وأمة التوحيد.. أمة "لا إله إلا الله، محمد رسول الله".
وختم مرشدا: من هنا كان علينا أن نتعلم من هذا المؤتمر الإسلامي العالمي، الذي لم يدع إليه ملك أو رئيس أو أمير، بل دعا إليه الله تبارك وتعالى، وفرضه على المسلمين مرة في العمر، ليخرج المسلم من نطاق المحلية إلى أفق العالمية، وليرتبط شعوريا وعمليا بأبناء الإسلام حيثما كانوا في مشرق أو مغرب، وليستفيد أهل الحل والعقد في الأمة من هذا الموسم الرباني لجمع كلمة الأمة على الهدى، وقلوبها على التقى، وعزائمها على الخير المشترك للجميع.

Blogger comment:
Qardawi is good in his stand with the Muslims in the revolution although he and most of the Scholars jumped in and the people who are the brave are the young people who started the revolutions. Now he is the president of the Muslims conference or so which is organized by the tyrants of Saudi and the Gulf. That is why Qardawi would stand with all the Muslims in the revolution but only the non-Saudi and non-Gulf. Thus his role actually is to stop the revolution from extending to Saudi and Gulf. Thus he standing for the Saudi like America he for its money and America for the oil. We need more vocal Muslims scholar that stand against all tyranny. You do not need to attack America and Israel but the Arab tyrants who if we bring down and unite as Muslims we will be able to negotiate with America and Israel and have better conditions to all the people in the Middle East.

Presidential Candidates? Few Are the 99 Percent


Don Ryan/Associated Press

Rallying in Portland, Ore., this week, part of nationwide activism inspired by Occupy Wall Street.
Published: October 28, 2011
Occupy Wall Street protesters have touched a nerve with their slogan, “We are the 99 percent.” It has focused attention on the ground gained by the rich even as a brutal economy has pushed the typical American family backward. Economic inequality may or may not become a central issue in the presidential race, but the candidates have at least one reason to hope it does not.

A look at the finances of those vying for the presidency shows that almost all of them rank at the very top of the country’s earners. In other words, they are the 1 percent.
The possible exceptions are Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and Representative Ron Paul of Texas, whose annual household earnings may not exceed the estimated cutoff of $700,000 for the top 1 percent, and Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, who has yet to file a financial disclosure.
Buddy Roemer, the former governor of Louisiana, probably does not make the cut either, which may be one reason Mr. Roemer paid a visit to the protest encampment in Zuccotti Park in Manhattan to express his solidarity.
But Mitt Romney, whose fortune, totaling as much as a quarter of a billion dollars, dwarfs those of his rivals; Jon M. Huntsman Jr., whose father owns a global chemical company; Newt Gingrich, a successful author; Herman Cain, a businessman who reports earnings of over $1.2 million; and Rick Santorum, the former senator, who took in over $700,000 last year, are all solidly in the 1 percent, as measured by assets, income or both.
The wealth is not limited to Republicans. Though President Obama was not in the 1 percent in 2006, before his entry to presidential politics, he earned between $1.8 million and $6.8 million last year, largely from book royalties.
The gap between the candidates and the electorate is especially striking in an election season in which the economy is foremost in people’s minds and politicians are trying to demonstrate that they can feel the pain. Many people believe that those responsible for the financial crisis escaped punishment with the help of political allies.
Democrats have more or less embraced the Wall Street protesters, while Republicans have wavered between dismissing them and trying to redirect their anger from Wall Street to the White House.
The protesters are far from the only potential voters disturbed by the growing wealth divide. In a recent New York Times/CBS News poll, 69 percent of respondents said that Republican policies favored the rich. Twenty-eight percent said the same of Mr. Obama’s policies, while only 23 percent thought his policies favored the middle class. Sixty-six percent said the country’s distribution of wealth should be more even.
The wealth of the candidates exacerbates the sense that politicians are far removed from middle-class American lives. “You want to know that elected leaders understand the consequences of their political decisions,” said Kathleen Hall Jamieson, the director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania. “Does that candidate understand what I’m going through right now? What my family is going through? Do they know what it’s like to lose your home, to lose your job?”
Of course, presidential politics has long been a sport for the rich, and candidates need not be middle-class themselves to convince voters that they understand. Some, like Mr. Cain and Mr. Perry, may win people over with their stories of ascent from humble beginnings.
But even bootstraps are not strictly necessary. “A rich person can represent the 99 percent,” said Judy Goldstock, a retired social worker protesting in Zuccotti Park. “Look at Kennedy.”
Mr. Romney has scolded his audiences at times for “attacking people based on their success.” And Mr. Cain proclaimed, “If you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself.” (Or, he later amended, blame Mr. Obama.)
The 99 percent meme has shifted the debate from the days when President Obama spoke of raising taxes on families that made more than $250,000. “Many people could see a future in which they might make $250,000,” Ms. Jamieson said. “Very few can see a future in which they would be a member of the 1 percent.”
The alienation is evident in a study of mothers who shop at Wal-Mart, where pollsters found that the women did not believe their elected officials could understand what it was like to be consumed by the price of milk, gasoline and college tuition.
“We asked, ‘If your elected officials knew about your life what would they do?’ And somebody said, ‘Cry,’ ” said Margie Omera, the founder of Momentum Analysis, a Democratic polling firm that along with Public Opinion Strategies, a Republican firm, has been tracking the women since May 2010. “They always want to know, ‘When is my bailout going to come?’ ”
In focus groups, the women discussed the satisfaction they derived from watching “Undercover Boss,” a reality show in which top executives take a turn at the bottom of the ladder in their own companies.
Membership in the 1 percent can be measured by wealth or by income. By household wealth, the cutoff point would be a projected $9 million in 2010, according to an analysis of the Federal Reserve Board’s Survey of Consumer Finances by Edward Wolff, an economist at New York University. The cutoff for annual household income would be about $700,000, Mr. Wolff said. (Using Internal Revenue Service figures, which count earnings differently, the Congressional Budget Office puts the earnings cutoff at $350,000 for the 1 percent in 2007.
At Zuccotti Park, protesters described the 1 percent variously as people who “can just make money with money,” “the ones so interested in making profits that they’re willing to lay off hundreds of thousands of people a year,” and “anyone who doesn’t create a product.”
Even by the numbers, though, it is hard to tell precisely where the candidates stand. The majority have not released tax returns, and their financial disclosure forms give only a range of assets and income. Mrs. Bachmann’s income was listed at $280,000 to $840,000, and Mr. Paul’s was $360,000 to $1.1 million, which included their Congressional salaries of $174,000.
The disclosures exclude the candidates’ homes and other noninvestment property, as well as the salaries of their spouses. Most disclose income over a period longer than a year, from which The New York Times calculated annual earnings. The candidates were likelier to rank in the elite in income rather than in assets. Mr. Cain’s net worth topped out at $6.6 million, for example, and Mr. Santorum’s at $2.6 million.
Mr. Perry appears to be among the least affluent of the leading candidates. He earns $150,000 a year as governor, and his wife makes $60,000 a year at a nonprofit organization. But the couple have made money in real estate deals, including one that pushed their income above $1 million in 2007. Various news organizations have estimated the Perrys’ net worth at just over $1 million.

Blogger comment:
We gave president Obama chance to change Washington and he did not. The people will move to Washington and tell the politicians how to run the country. This is not my opinion it this is what I read to them.

America’s Exploding Pipe Dream


Published: October 28, 2011

We are slowly — and painfully — being forced to realize that we are no longer the America of our imaginations. Our greatness was not enshrined. Being a world leader is less about destiny than focused determination, and it is there that we have faltered.

We sold ourselves a pipe dream that everyone could get rich and no one would get hurt — a pipe dream that exploded like a pipe bomb when the already-rich grabbed for all the gold; when they used their fortunes to influence government and gain favors and protection; when everyone else was left to scrounge around their ankles in hopes that a few coins would fall.
We have not taken care of the least among us. We have allowed a revolting level of income inequality to develop. We have watched as millions of our fellow countrymen have fallen into poverty. And we have done a poor job of educating our children and now threaten to leave them a country that is a shell of its former self. We should be ashamed.
Poor policies and poor choices have led to exceedingly poor outcomes. Our societal chickens have come home to roost.
This was underscored in a report released on Thursday by the Bertelsmann Stiftung foundation of Germany entitled “Social Justice in the OECD — How Do the Member States Compare?” It analyzed some metrics of basic fairness and equality among Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development countries and ranked America among the ones at the bottom.
I could write (and have written) ad nauseam about our woeful state, but it might be more powerful to see it for yourself. So here are some of the sad data from the report.

Blogger comment:
It is a class of elites businessmen, politicians and clergy that control America, like the Saudi Kingdom. However people will not just stand and take it the revolution is in progress. We are mature enough in America in not using violence. Very smart people college professors and students are running the revolution as well middle class people who will not just wait and enjoy the rich spending their money. The real heroes of Hollywood both in the movies and real life will join in. The old world of tyranny, smart democratic semi-tyranny and elites will change to a new world that have place for everyone. This will spell over to peaceful middle east and investing in weapons will change to investing in food, health care and long term care.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Best Econmic Plan to Save America

By: Maged Taman

Capitalism is the way to go and moral one, communists had found out that the farmer cow produce more milk than the government cow, no brainer. The best economic plan to USA is this combo:
1- Taman Health plan which if you read it simply means that you have say thousands of dollars in you health and long term account that is you smartly spend. It appears like very expensive system but in real life much cheaper since people have to use the money wisely to spend in health care without the waste we having now.
2- Since most people will have secure health care and long term care this will let us be able to do the very sample flat tax which causes our lives all of us to be simple and meanwhile we will be able to have the more rich spare more money so they can make new projects and higher more people.
3- We do not need all these money in defense since smart politicians do not make war or very limited wars when they have no other alternatives. Thus cutting down in that budget will allow us a lot of savings.

If we succeed in these three tasks through cutting in spending or generating profits with expanding economy we will be able to pay our debt. The things are not working for us because we are anti-Christs when we will be pro-Christ it will work.

Occupy wall street on the move

Published on Thursday, October 27, 2011 by

by Ralph Nader
The question confronting the Occupy Wall Street encampments and their offshoots in scores of cities and towns around the country is quo vadis? Where is it going?
This decentralized, leaderless civic initiative has attracted the persistent attention of the mass media in the past five weeks. Television cameras from all over the world are parked down at Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan, two blocks from Wall Todd Blaisdell
But the mass media is a hungry beast. It needs to be fed regularly. Apart from the daily pressures of making sure the encampments are clean, that food and shelter are available, that relations with the police are quiet, that provocateurs are identified; the campers must anticipate possible police crackdowns, such as that which has just occurred in Oakland, and find ways to rebound.
There are enough national polls showing broader support for the Occupy people than for the Tea Party people. Additional communities are installing their own Occupy sites right down to small towns like Niles, Michigan (pop. 12,000) and Bethel, Alaska where Diane McEachern is occupying the tundra. But, there is trouble ahead.
First, police departments in other cities will be observing the nature and reaction of mass arrests in places like Denver, Chicago and Atlanta. The plutocrats’ first response is always to push police power against the people. The recidivist violations of the ruling class are rarely pursued, yet the rumbles of the lower class are often stifled. With the onset of colder weather and looming police pressure, the protestors need new venues for their demonstrations
Activists need to vary their tactics. I suggest citizens surround the local offices of their Senators and Representatives. The number of Americans fed up with a gridlocked Congress, beset by craven or cowardly, both marinated in corporate campaign cash, can motivate an endless pool of activists who want their voices to be heard.
We know that the Occupy people want to keep their opposition on a general level of informed outrage and not get to the specific policy level. Fine. The 535 people in Congress, who put their shoes on every day like we do, are quite susceptible to a fast rising rumble from the people. They don’t need specifics. They know all about the savagely avaricious corporate paymasters and their swarming lobbyists on Capitol Hill wanting ever more varieties of goodies and less corporate law enforcement. What they need to know is that you’ve got their number and that people are fed up and on the move.
More members of Congress than one might expect, with their finger to the wind, start readjusting their antennas when they sense voter agitation. It is just that for years, there has been nary a breeze from that crucial source, while the corporatists have had their party year after year with their governmental toadies on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.
Make no mistake; support for the power shift espoused by the 99 percent movement is now only a breeze but a windstorm is coming. The protesters are feeling their way – demonstrating before big banks and closing out their accounts in favor of smaller community banks. Protests in front of the Manhattan mansions of the superrich from the big media and the big hedge funds also make sense.
Each new protest gives the protesters new insights. The protestors are learning how to challenge controlling processes. They are assembling and using their little libraries on site. They are learning the techniques of open, non-violent civil disobedience and building personal stamina. They are learning not to be provoked and thereby win the moral authority struggle which encourages more and more people to join their ranks.
In the Arab Spring of Cairo, Egypt earlier this year, it was said that a million people in Tahrir Square lost their fear of the dictatorship. It can be said that in this “American Autumn,” some 150,000 people have discovered their power and rejected apathy. They have come far in so little time because the soil for their pushback is so fertile, nourished by the revulsion of millions of their countrypersons moving toward standing up and showing up themselves.
This vanguard of larger protests to come is building on the personal stories of desperate but failed attempts to find work; stories of heart-breaking inability to pay for healthcare for themselves or their families’; stories of being defrauded of their pensions, their tax dollars, their savings and their rights. They demand accountability for the culprits who lied, stole and got away with it destroying the economy. And they want Congress to never bailout the Wall Street crooks, swindlers and speculators with taxpayer dollars.
Shining the light of the 99 percenters on the operations base of the corporate supremacists and their Congressional minions in one location after another both empowers and further informs those Americans who are seeing that showing up is half of democracy. -->

Blogger Comment:
The system is just not working to most people in America. The financial system is broken and health care is very disorganized expensive and less beneficial and have 51 million people uninsured which is a very bad joke. Read Taman Health Plan when you google it to know about the things that we can improve in health care.
The people will continue to march since there is no hope things will change. Unlike the Egyptians who waited for decades when their president was lying to them that things will improve when it did not and meanwhile his family were making hundreds of millions and their wealth was growing everyday. Americans are not Egyptians and will not wait for decades they want to live now and have their future secured. Moral capitalism is the way to go we want wall street but we all have money in and we have fair and non corrupt bankers. The American revolution will be peaceful and millions of people will join. The military will support it, the police and firefighters and most people. Our expectation is that the politicians will not oppress it otherwise they will look like the Middle East tyrants.

It will look to me like the end of the movie V for Vendetta without the bombing. It will be the people walking and going to Washington peacefully and bring down the system peacefully to new restructuring of the American government. The military and the police will not stand against them but will let them in. After all the people who are going in the revolution are their families and neighbours.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Muslims Unite To bring Down the Tyrannical Syrian Regime

"علماء المسلمين" يدعو لجمعة تضامن مع الثورة السورية الباسلة
موقع القرضاوي
آخر تحديث:08:16 (مكة) الأربعاء 30 ذو القعدة 1432هـ -2011/10/26م

دعا البيان للتعبئة والحشد لإظهار التضامن
دعا الإتحاد العالمي لعلماء المسلمين الأمة الإسلامية والعربية إلى جعل الجمعة القادم يوما للتضامن مع الشعب السوري الباسل في ثورته ضد الظلم والاستبداد.
ودعا الاتحاد في بيان " العلماء والدعاة وخطباء المساجد لتخصيص الخطب وإصدار الفتاوى وتعبئة وحشد الشعوب لإظهار التضامن مع الشعب والإدانة للنظام".
وهذا نص البيان:
يتابع الإتحاد العالمي لعلماء المسلمين باهتمام كبير ما آلت إليه الأوضاع في سوريا، واستشعاراً للمسئوولية الشرعية والأخلاقية والإنسانية، وتلبية لواجب النصرة، وتضامناً مع الشعب السوري في مطالبه السلمية المشروعة، ومحاولة لوقف المجازر والجرائم التي يقوم بها النظام ضد الشعب الأعزل، مع استمرار المسلسل الدامي للقتل والدمار في سورية، فإن الاتحاد العالمي لعلماء المسلمين:
1- يدعو الأمة الإسلامية والعربية إلى جعل يوم الجمعة القادم: 1/12/1432 الموافق 28/11/2011م، يوم التضامن مع الشعب السوري في ثورته ضد الظلم والاستبداد.
2- يجدد مساندته وتضامنه مع الثورة الشعبية السلمية في سوريه، ويدعو المتظاهرين إلى التحمل وإلى المزيد من الصبر حتى يأتي الفرج بإن الله تعالى.
3- يدعو المنظمات الدولية لتحمل مسئوليتها تجاه حماية المدنيين من القصف والقتل المنتظم المنظم، وإعمال القانون الدولي الإنساني، وتطبيق القوانين والمواثيق الدولية.
4- يدعو العلماء والدعاة وخطباء المساجد لتخصيص الخطب وإصدار الفتاوى وتعبئة وحشد الشعوب لإظهار التضامن مع الشعب والإدانة للنظام.
أ.د علي القره داغي أ.د يوسف القرضاوي
الأمين العام رئيس الاتحاد
الدوحة: 27 ذو القعدة 1432هـ

Blogger comment:
This is the best time now to see Iran and Hazeb Allah stand with us and have free Syria. President of Iran talks about tyranny and injustice this is the best example to prove to us his convection.
Russsia and China want to have their role in the new Arab/Muslim world welcome along with America and EU.

From Al MahdiAl Muntazer to Bashar Ben Al Waskha (SOB) Stop killing your people and go in exile before I get you

متزامنا مع زيارة الوفد العربي
دعوة لإضراب عام في سوريا
دعا المجلس الوطني السوري -الذي يضم معظم أطياف المعارضة- إلى إضراب عام اليوم الأربعاء في كل أنحاء سوريا، في يوم تستعد فيه دمشق لاستقبال وفد وزاري عربي، على وقع اشتباكات سقط فيها عشرة جنود من الأمن.

وقال المجلس في بيان أمس إنه "يدعو جميع أبناء الشعب في المحافظات والمدن والقرى السورية كافة إلى مشاركة إخوانهم في درعا وحمص ودير الزور، وغيرها من المناطق من خلال إعلان الإضراب العام يوم الأربعاء 26 أكتوبر/تشرين الأول".
وأكد البيان أن هذا الإضراب -الذي جاء احتجاجا على ما وصفه بالوسائل الوحشية التي يستخدمها النظام ضد المحتجين- سيكون "مقدمة لإضرابات أشمل وأكبر، وصولا إلى العصيان المدني القادر على إسقاط النظام بالقوى الذاتية للشعب السوري العظيم".
كما طالب المجلس بتدخل عربي ودولي بشكل فوري لحماية المدنيين، رافضا أي حوار مع النظام ما دام يواصل حملته العسكرية ضد المتظاهرين المسالمين، حسب تعبيره.
من المتوقع أن يصل وفد من الجامعة العربية إلى دمشق اليوم الأربعاء (الجزيرة)
وفد عربي
ويأتي هذا البيان قبل يوم من زيارة يقوم بها وفد من الجامعة العربية برئاسة قطرية إلى سوريا، لبحث إمكانية إطلاق حوار وطني بين المعارضة وحكومة الرئيس بشار الأسد.
وكانت مجموعة من المعارضة السورية في الداخل قالت إن إمكانية إجراء الحوار الحقيقي ما زالت قائمة، ودعت الجامعة العربية لمد يد العون.
وقال محمد الهباش -وهو عالم مسلم وعضو مستقل في مجلس الشعب السوري- لوكالة الأنباء الألمانية "نؤمن بإجراء حوار حقيقي وجاد يؤدي إلى إنهاء الصراع في سوريا دون أي تدخل أجنبي من الخارج".
وأضاف الهباش أن مجموعة من الشخصيات المعارضة ستطلع الوفد العربي على تفاصيل مبادرة أطلقتها المجموعة، وتنص على أن ترسل الدول الشقيقة مثل مصر والجزائر والسودان مسؤولين رفيعي المستوى لمراقبة وقف علميات العنف، وضمان انسحاب الجيش والشرطة وعناصر الأمن من القوى والمدن السورية.
آلة القمع السورية ما زالت تعمل دون توقف (الجزيرة)
عشرة قتلى
وعلى الصعيد الميداني، قال ناشطون وسكان إن منشقين عن الجيش السوري قتلوا عشرة جنود أمس الثلاثاء في هجمات على قوافل عسكرية أرسلت لسحق احتجاجات قبل يوم من زيارة الوفد العربي.
وأكد ناشطون أن قتالا دار في محافظة إدلب بشمال غرب سوريا قرب الحدود مع تركيا، حيث تجمع جنود انشقوا عن الجيش أثناء هجوم عسكري في محافظة حمص بوسط البلاد.
وقال المرصد السوري لحقوق الإنسان في بيان إن مسلحين يُعتقد أنهم منشقون قتلوا سبعة جنود في هجوم لقافلة عسكرية مؤلفة من أربعين حافلة أمن وسيارات رباعية الدفع وسيارات مكافحة الإرهاب، كانت موجودة عند المدخل الجنوبي لمدينة معرة النعمان بمحافظة إدلب (شمال).
كما أكد سكان محليون أن ثلاثة جنود قتلوا في هجوم على قافلتهم قرب مدينة خان شيخون بمحافظة إدلب.
وأشار سكان أن قتالا دار خلال الليل في سهل حوران جنوب البلاد على الحدود مع الأردن، حيث توجد أطول حملة قمع منذ بدأت الانتفاضة، وكذلك في تلبيسة بالقرب من حمص.
رضوان زيادة:
النظام السوري يعتقل أكثر من ثلاثين ألف شخص منذ بدء حملته القمعية
آلاف المعتقلين
وعن الاعتقالات، قال المرصد إن قوات الأمن اعتقلت تسعة أشخاص على حواجز بمدينة حمص، بالإضافة إلى سبعة آخرين عند مدخل تلبيسة.
ومن جهتها أفادت الهيئة العامة للثورة السورية بأن عناصر من قوات الأمن والشبيحة اعتقلوا عشرة طلاب خرجوا في مظاهرة من مدرسة ابتدائية في حي القدم بالعاصمة دمشق.
وقال مؤسس مركز دمشق لحقوق الإنسان رضوان زيادة إن النظام السوري يعتقل أكثر من ثلاثين ألف شخص منذ بدء "حملته القمعية".
المصدر: وكالات

تعليقات القراء
التعليقات المنشورة لا تعبر عن رأي الجزيرة وإنما تعبر عن رأي أصحابها
132 ناصح
نداء إلى أصحاب المال الشرفاء في سوريا
إلى كل أصحاب الأعمال والأموال والتجارة الشرفاء في سوريا: إن نجح نظام قتلة الأطفال في البقاء فإعلموا أن سيحول البلد إلى سجن مرعب للإنتقام من الشعب وسلبه ما بقي عنده من مال وممتلكات وكرامة حتى يكبر حافظ الثاني ويأخذ مكانه، فأنصحكم بالخروج بأموالكم وتجارتكم فورا قبل نهاية العام والإنتقال بها إلى دبي التي تشهد نهضة حضارية تجارية جديدة وأسعار حياة منافسة جدا وحياة كريمة راقية. اللهم إني قد بلغت.

131 التجار يدعمون بشار وبشار يدعم التجار
تجار الكباب ونظام يعيش على الارهاب
لنضع تجارنا على القائمة السوداء ولنقاطع منتجاتهم وليذهبوا هم واسيادهم الى الجحيم
130 ريما حسن الفهيم
يعني الإفلاس ضرب بهالمعارضة التعبانةلقد جربت الإضرابات وأثبتت فشلها واللي مومصدق يتفضل ويجي عسوريا والمظاهرات بدأت تعتمد على اجبار التلاميذ الصغار على الخروج في المناطق النائية فارجو من الجزيرة أن تفكر كيف لها أن تخرج من هذه الورطة بخصوص مصداقيتها في العالم العربي

129 سنسقطك بكل الأحوال
إلى متى هذا الظلم والطغيان
أنا أريد أن أفهم لماذا الناتو تدخل في ليبيا لحماية مدينيين يطالبون بإسقاط حاكمهم؟ ولماذا لم يصدروا أي قرار ضد الحكومة السورية التي تعتدي على محرمات الناس وتقتلهم بدون أي ذنب فقط لأنهم طالبوا بالحرية؟ وفوق كل هذا الإجرام يريدونهم بإجراء حوار مع الشعب المظلوم.
128 بالمرصاد
النصر يقرع الابواب يا ابطال الشام..عَنْ عَبْدِ اللَّهِ بْنِ حَوَالَةَ قَالَ:قَالَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صَلَّى الله عليه وسلم:(ستُجنَّدون أجنادًا، جُنْدًا بِالشَّام، وجُنْدًا بِالْعِرَاقِ، وَجُنْدًا باليَمَنِ)قال عبد الله: فقمت، قلت: خِرْ لي يا رسول الله! فقال:(وعليكم بِالشَّام، فَمَنْ أَبَى فَلْيَلْحَقْ بِيَمَنِهِ، وَلْيَسْتَقِ مِنْ غُدُرِه،فَإِنَّ اللَّهَ -عَزَّ وَجَلَّ- قَدْ تكفَّل لِي بالشَّام وأهله)صححه الألباني
127 ابن الميدان- أحرار الشام
دمشق تدخل خط الإضراب
أبشروا لقد بدأت دمشق تتفاعل بقوة مع فكرة الإضراب قبل قليل كنت أمشي من مرشد خاطر إلى بداية حي الروضة مروراً بساحة السبع بحرات وشارع العابد وسوق الصالحية، وقد أحصيت 53 محلاً مغلقاً (حوالي 38% من مجمل المحلات)وبعضها كان مغلقاً بشكل متلاصق، مما يدل على التنسيق المسبق،والكثير منها في العابد والصالحية، والعديد منهامحلات كبيرة لأشخاص من ذوي الدخل المرتفع.يجب تتكرار دعوة الإضراب بشكل أسبوعي وقريباً ستحدث تلك الفكرة السلمية تحولاً جذرياً في قلب دمشق وحلب شدوا الهمة يا شباب الحرية صارت عالباب.
126 سعيد
اتقوا الله
اتقوا الله يا من تحرضوا ولكن لا امل فيكم لانكم لا تؤمنون بالله
125 omar
تظاهرة مليونية في دمشق
تظاهرة مليونية في دمشق

Blogger Comment:
To the Great Syrian people what do you think more proof to you that I am Al Mahdi Al Muntazer: I humiliated Bashar like I did with Qaddafi and he did not deny me as Al Mahdi Al Muntazer. See the hits on my website are controlled by America. What more proofs you need. Ask one of the tyrants publicly about me and you will find him try to lie. It is over it is a prophecy. Muslims of you who saw me in America recognized me since I look exactly like Al Mahdi that the prophet described. You need one more proof Syria will be liberated soon.