Friday, October 07, 2011

Russia will have great appreciation in the Arab and Muslim world if to let the tyrant of Syria go

By: Maged taman

Russia has great role in the Arab/Muslim world and to do that it has to make good with them in Syria. It is clear that the Syrian tyrant was ruthless in killing his people. Russia gave him time early and significant time to see if he change his path and he did not. As seen in the Arab tyrants who fell that this tyrant will also fall. The longer he stays the more he is to kill more people. A way out for this time is to get asylum in Russia or any country wants to have him. We are letting him go to save our people more killing and not because we are forgiving him, we have to do it. Russia has to look after its interests. As happen with America the more they stood with the tyrants the more they lost of the Arabs/Muslims hearts and minds. Russia should not forget the good old days when its stand up to America was causing balance in the world. America was not the evil force but there is no black and white. A balanced world is better for all of us. One moral super power is OK for most of us. However we found out it is not true and tyranny is defined as the tyrant who do not stand with you. Nothing more interesting than seeing Bush and king of Saudi in photos, two connected friends one rolled the oil of Saudi and the other is an oil guy made good part of his fortune from the Saudi tyrant. It is business as usual. We are looking for Russia not for any confrontation but to make balance with China so the little fish can live besides the big sharks.

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