Saturday, October 08, 2011

is Al Qardawi playing I do not know

By: MAged Taman

After the accusation i made against Saudi tyrant regime i did not hear anything from Qaradawi. The president of the council of Muslim scholars. This is my case against Saudi:

1- The most pro-west in the Arab world.
2- from the first grand tyrant saud they made very strong relation with America for the oil.
3- The stood with the west against most of our cases and mostly that in the dark.
4- The war of Iraq and Iran they played large role for Muslims to kill one another.
5- For the tyrants who were falling the Saudi regime was standing with them.
6- they never changed anything in the ground for the benefit of people, compare that with Sadat who made war and peace.
7- Do you really think Qaradawi they will stand with the Mahdi. In fact they blocked me from entering Saudi. Through stealing my passport through some of their Jews friends.
8- I am not for the Shia trial to extend itself in the Muslim world but they have the right to live non-oppressed though their leaders may not be concerned about Sunni Muslims from their position in Syria.

I tried to reach the masses through the Muslim council that Qaradawi control or say the gulf tyrants through him and he did not answer me. From Al Mahdi to Qardawi If you are talking against the Muslims scholars who standing with the tyrants, do not forget yourself standing with the tyrants of the Gulf. If you want to be in great position to the fair Muslims around the world tell us you changed your position. if you do not do that in 3 days I will tell you what I really think of that.

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