Saturday, October 01, 2011

The Shy Corporate Media and the wall street protesters


Do not believe there are only few hits in my blog I have thousands of hits daily but Obama and his elites are blocking me. Do a simple test from one country say USA have 500 hundreds people visit my website one day you will find the number is only few 20-40. Why they do not want you to know about me because I am for revolutions not wars and peaceful ones. The equation is simple the elites are few and the public are millions if not billions thus peaceful revolutions that are widespread will take them down.

Thus to control the massage is to block me from reaching to a lot of people. Why they can not block totally my website because they know I can spread my message to a lot of websites so there is no way to control me. In doing that I will not stop since I do not see the elites doing anything for us but the elites, Bush came and gone and Obama came and frustrated us more.

Like a lot of people went to occupy the wall street I have to work like them hoping to pay my bill despite being a doctor in America. I could had made millions of dollars if I had sold my Taman Health Plan to one of the two parties in America. But I am looking to change the world than make a friend with the elites.

Going back to the great protesters in wall street, the Media is not talking about them or talking with no comment just there are few people that are frustrated and they are there in wall street. The revolution is coming and King Obama will be likely back in Africa as one of the kings there. Americans will be liberated and we will save our money to our future and not the wars of the elites.

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