Monday, October 24, 2011

Giving Credit to Obama

By Maged Taman

Though we have our grievances for the decades America stood with our tyrants we would give him the credit in Egypt and Libya. Though he came from behind and it took him significant time and after he was near sure that we will win it he joined in since America will loose the Middle East if he would not stand with us. He has the right to seek moderate Muslims in these countries but with no significant pressure. It all will come how the policies of America will come to be. The defiant resistant and anti-west and Anti-Israel black and white guys will not thrive in the Middle East. The new middle east will be pragmatic, mature and open to all nations with dealing with cooperation and mutual interests. The old mentality of Saddam, Qaddafi and so forth to seek a military victory or to be the hero of the Arab is not appealing in the new Arab world. President Sarkozi and the NATO leaders did a good job against Qaddafi and I was waiting for the time to praise them. My personal problem with Obama like Bush not to allow me to talk to the media is considered by me and many people as tyranny. Since Al Mahdi Al Muntazer according to the prophecy supposed to help to establish justice and equality and I am in large part pro-American people I should have been allowed to talk to the people through the open media and be able to travel anywhere.
Syria if the west to consider it again it has to be mutual agreement between the Democrat and Republic leaders. Again no ground forces but as we did in Libya bombing the Syrian corrupt regime. You will need mandate from the Syrian people who are being killed and you will get it and you will have many in the Muslim world particularly scholars stand with you. Strong support from the Muslim masses will neutralize Iran and Hazeb Allah. All Sunni Muslims we be looking to see both of them in our side or neutral. Any stand of any nation with the tyrant corrupt Bashar will be unethical and increases the Syrians sufferings. Russia and China are looking for new relations with new governments of the Arab world who will take over and economic ties. We believe they will get it for not standing against the will of the people of the Middle East. My suspicion in a new pragmatic Middle East you will need to balance your relation between all major players.

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