Sunday, October 02, 2011

Police: Hundreds of Wall Street protesters arrested at Brooklyn Bridge


By the CNN Wire Staff
updated 10:01 PM EST, Sat October 1, 2011
Police arrest demonstators on the Brooklyn Bridge during the Occupy Wall Street protests on Saturday.


NEW: Bridge now open in both directions
The group says it is protesting the economy, among other things
Rep. Charles Rangel speaks to the group
Police say protesters blocked lanes to Brooklyn Bridge

New York (CNN) -- The latest Occupy Wall Street protest Saturday featured the landmark Brooklyn Bridge, where police arrested more than 500 people for blocking the roadway.
Bridge traffic heading to Brooklyn from Manhattan was shut down for several hours, finally reopening at 8:05 p.m., police said. Manhattan-bound lanes were open during the incident.
Protesters banged drums and chanted, "The whole world is watching" as police moved in to make arrests for disorderly conduct and blocking traffic.

"Over 500 were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge late this afternoon after multiple warnings by police were given to protesters to stay on the pedestrian walkway, and that if they took roadway they would be arrested," said Paul Browne, deputy commissioner for the New York Police Department. "Some complied and took the walkway without being arrested. Others proceeded on the Brooklyn-bound vehicular roadway and were arrested."
Saturday's incident came during a campaign against what protesters call social inequities resulting from the financial system.

Protesters held a rally at Zuccotti Park and then marched toward the Brooklyn Bridge.
U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel, D-New York, spoke to a large crowd of boisterous protesters, who shouted, "This is a peaceful march."
Over the past two weeks, demonstrations have addressed various issues, including police brutality, union busting and the economy, the group said.

Taking its inspiration from the Arab Spring protests that have swept through Africa and the Middle East, the group has taken up residence in the park in New York's financial district, calling for 20,000 people to flood the area for a "few months."

The protest campaign -- which uses the hashtag #occupywallstreet on the microblogging site Twitter -- began in July with the launch of a simple campaign website calling for a march and a sit-in at the New York Stock Exchange.

Blogger comment:
It appears that the revolution started in America and will not stop until drastic changes are made. The current spendings of close to 400 billion dollars a year in defense and new jobs mostly in military make us a war machine and we switched the money that we supposed to funnel to our health care and long term security to army and wars.

Is Obama the anti-Christ close enough. He is like Bush wolf but in cloths of sheep. If Obama is really to believe in democracy he has to let the right hits to my website known. The revolutions no doubt will spread to Washington. The American people has big bride and we will not allow few elites to control the world and will not just commit suicide if the do not have money to take care of themselves or their family. This message to Obama the Anti-Christ.

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