Thursday, October 06, 2011

America Tahrir Street

By: Maged Taman

In most tyrant countries tyranny is a simple role to protect the corrupt and connected you need to have tyranny. Democracy means that the tyrants and their corrupt elites will be likely losing elections and even get persecuted. The revolutions in the Arab world were kept in the box for long times, thanks to America, since it was not of the best interest of the American elites. Then when the revolutions get in actions thanks to the brave Arabs the American elites show up.

America is not a tyranny but a semi-democracy, yes you can criticize and yell but sorry guys the election of the politicians and the media will be under the control of the elites. Now the 99% are questioning the 1% to have the right back to run things after the elite gave every thing to corporate America. Both Obama and the republic will use the revolution or uprise against wall street to fault the other side. The fact is both gave in to wall street.

Revolution particularly come when enough people feel that is no way out but revolution. Every year every thing get worse and in a democracy like America people have the right to have the politicians stand one side and the media the other side and the people watch both. The people wants to see the politicians work it out together for the best of their people. They want to see the media in the other side not fighting each other but seeing how the politicians work it out and find if there is corruption or mismanagement to put a magnifying glass over it.

Thus the forces that drive revolution: 1-oppression or here in America dysfunctional democracy controlled by greed and corporations, 2-a lot of people with no hope or disappearing hope and 3-no alternative but revolution. Thus this trio is the same like in Tahrir and other Arab revolutions places is working in the real and every day life. Of course the elites will try to give some hope or some false plans to stay in power and status cou persists. Do not forget a lot of politicians are very rich.

Thus the revolution will not die quickly unless Obama prays for a very cold winter in America so people will freeze in their homes.

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