Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Arab Revolutions small steps or major steps

By: Maged Taman

The revolutions need to accomplish a lot some says short steps, but I see it can be big steps. It is like you need to build new house, if you know all steps and have most of the parts available you will be building quickly. It amazes a lot of us how a house in America can be built in one to two months. This is the way it will work in the Arab world. If you know well how to bring good governess you will do it right it is knowledge and wisdom:
1- Find the right system, read in my web the Taman Health Plan and the Moral Utopia project.
2- Find the right people.
3- Separate the media from politicians the media one side and politicians one side. The politicians will tell the media or may be me find what we are doing if there is something wrong tell us and help us how to correct it. Do not worry about who take the credit it will be all of us since the next generations who will have an easy life will be very grateful and amazed how we did it.
4- As the writer Tawfik Al Hakim used to say it is enough for a man with great spirit to rise that the world will rise after or with him, that is may be why the west do not like you to know me. They rather see a tyrant in place unless it affects their interest. I will not a president or king or what ever it is full time job to be the guided one, it is Davine. I can be the guy behind a president or so but it will not be appropriate for me to be president.

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