Sunday, October 23, 2011

To All Muslims Call to the Iranians and Hazeb Allah People to Stand with the Sunni Muslims who are Killed by the Tyrant Bashar

By: Maged Taman

If you noticed I am with the right where it will be. When there were obsessions about Israel by the Arabs I talked about that. When there is oppression of any groups of people I talked about that. Proper Islam defend all groups of people even sinners. One day a Khalifa of Muslim was talking about people who are sinning in one place and he was thinking of going to arrest them. Imam Ali Ben Talib told him clearly if you do that he will arrest him. Thus Islam respected human privacy. In Islam you have the right to convert to Islam or to divert from Islam. You have the right to be wrong if it does not break the law. You have your right in your home to do what it ever you like. Though God asked us to spread what is right he told us when and where to stop. Christians would always have a problem if the God of Islam is true God he would not compel people not to convert out of Islam. The truth is it is very clear that faith is choice and very clear in many verses of the Quran.
Back to the Syrian people they declared clearly they do not want Bashar and he stood against them and killed them. President of Iran is talking about justice, equality and standing against oppression everywhere. We need to see it, thus his people has to rightly ask him not to support Bashar. Syrians are killed everywhere, a lot of Muslim Sunni groups who declare that they liked Khomeini revolution or his stand against corruption it is your time to speak loud and clear about the Syrian people who are killed. I read your websites and I see that you are more interested in your political wins and not caring enough about the Syrian people.
Turkey did not really do much for the Syrian problem and they have their own problems. Time to listen to me, no one can play Al Mahdi Al Muntazer unless he is Al Mahdi Al Muntazer.

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