Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Obama we are waiting for a Savior so get out of the white house soon

By: Maged Taman

Ron Paul is a true honest man and he is no doubt an anti-establishment. Obama was the biggest joke of the elites, while Bush was the bloody monster who killed a lot of Muslims in fake war of terror Obama was the silent killer and smooth operator. For Arab and Muslims they fall as the worst enemies of Muslims in history. They supported the Arab tyrants and their main task was the Empire, the oil and Israel. The later is just inciting unnecessary anger gainst Israel.

Ron Paul is in the contrary to those two presidents quite an honest man who stand for principals and against corporations however to win he has to forget about the two parties occupation of Washington and have his own agenda and people and great mobilization of people who Obama deceived and many of the troops who should make decision about wars and not fake wars of oil and protection of the Saudi tyrants and the corporations.

He need to be angry and even nasty you are not fighting against Brother John or the holy father but against people who would suck other people blood for profits and people who will send others for wars for more profits.



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