Sunday, October 09, 2011

Obama a man with no promises

By: Maged Taman

I did not see Obama in the wall street occupation he did not attend. He was presenting himself to us that he is new change a change you we are waiting for, he is with the people in the streets. Same policies of Bush the Christ who was playing to us the Jesus of the new world order which is the same like the old one same rich guys who will control the world and keep it to their families. When Obama sing I do not dance and when he inspire us with speech I go to sleep. Why Obama does not truthfully have my actual count of my hits to my web because he is a jealous guy he would not like you to know the truth i am the real document he wanted to copy. He is waiting like a tiger to see where is the next revolution to tell his masters the elites his time and their's to jump in. Meanwhile he would try to win the hearts and minds of Muslims by having few A--holes Muslims joining him while the one who is moving his threads from above are the world elites. They will take care of him few books and memoir like other politicians and lectures for thousands of dollars for boring speechs. The Muslims and Arabs really do not look up to Obama and do not trust him. 4 more years to Obama will mean 4 more years of misery to Muslims. If he is a man he would let the right number of hits in my web to show up and to have my passport sent back to me. He is afraid if I would go overseas I would bring down the Saudi best American corrupted regime. Muslims will disappoint you and they will bring down the Saudi regime even before I go there.

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