Friday, October 28, 2011

Best Econmic Plan to Save America

By: Maged Taman

Capitalism is the way to go and moral one, communists had found out that the farmer cow produce more milk than the government cow, no brainer. The best economic plan to USA is this combo:
1- Taman Health plan which if you read it simply means that you have say thousands of dollars in you health and long term account that is you smartly spend. It appears like very expensive system but in real life much cheaper since people have to use the money wisely to spend in health care without the waste we having now.
2- Since most people will have secure health care and long term care this will let us be able to do the very sample flat tax which causes our lives all of us to be simple and meanwhile we will be able to have the more rich spare more money so they can make new projects and higher more people.
3- We do not need all these money in defense since smart politicians do not make war or very limited wars when they have no other alternatives. Thus cutting down in that budget will allow us a lot of savings.

If we succeed in these three tasks through cutting in spending or generating profits with expanding economy we will be able to pay our debt. The things are not working for us because we are anti-Christs when we will be pro-Christ it will work.

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