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Listen up, America! What the world thinks of Occupy Wall Street


Listen up, America! What the world thinks of Occupy Wall Street

Editor's Note: Every week, the Global Public Square brings you some must-read editorials from around the world addressed to America and Americans. The series is called Listen up, America!
CANADA—“More and more, it looks like the centre will be an orphan in 2012,” writes Konrad Yakabuski in the Toronto-based Globe and Mail.
“The Occupy Wall Street movement that is mushrooming across the United States (with Canadian copycats) threatens to further turn the 2012 election cycle into a shouting match between the extremes of U.S. politics.”
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES—“While demonstrators are focused on issues that are worthy of protest, they have few practical proposals to offer,” says an editorial in the Abu Dhabi-based National.
“The often-heard analogy to the Arab Spring does not hold water. Indeed the comparison does a disservice to all those who risked – or lost – their lives in overthrowing tyrants in the Middle East and North Africa. In New York, 'police' brutality" almost always stops at pepper spray.”
GERMANY—“The idea of these weary working classes now rising up and taking down the entire system is the dream of many in Zuccotti Park,” writes Ullrich Fichtner in the Berlin-based Spiegel.
“In the not too distant past, American protests were often directed at Washington, in the hope that the president and Congress would put demonstrators' desires into practice. This time around, demonstrators gathered in front of the White House as well, but far more came together in Zuccotti Park in Manhattan, in the park in front of City Hall in Los Angeles, in the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston and in tents in front of the Federal Reserve Bank branch in Chicago. At all of these sites, politicians are not the main target of the angry demonstrations. Far more, in the shadow of skyscrapers all across the country, the target is capitalism itself.”
CHINA— “[T]he international community is watching closely to see if U.S. politicians will end their finger-pointing and roll up sleeves to produce the reforms that their people are demanding,” says an editorial in the Beijing-based China Daily.
"The rapid expansion of Occupy Wall Street protests from an event ignored by most news organizations just three weeks ago to the current popular movement that no one can or should neglect indicates soaring public anger at U.S. partisan paralysis regarding real solutions to the country's underlying problems.”
CHINA—"Before the current, weekslong “Occupy Wall Street” protest swept over New York City, news articles in the U.S. lamented the lack of political passion exhibited by the youth of America, most specifically, their absence in any aspect of public demonstration,” says an editorial in the Taiwan-based China Post.
“Many reasons were given for their apparent reluctance to resort to protest — complacency, lack of purpose, the risk of arrest on their record, mounting student loans deterring them from causing a stir and denting their credibility to authority figures — all which served to create a group of young people more inclined to conformity and keeping their head down than creating the noise equal to say, the young demonstrators during the Vietnam War.”
SOUTH KOREA—“Just as the Wall Street mega banks escaped from the financial crisis they made with taxpayers’ money, Korean banks pulled out of the currency crisis with public funds ― and both groups have since been partying with hefty bonuses and dividends while many become jobless and homeless,” says an editorial in the Seoul-based Korea Times.
“These are cries the entire Establishment ― politicians, bureaucrats and businesses ― should heed. And they are also the signs the public will no longer endure this unfair and unjust winner-take-all system.”
PAKISTAN—“Frustration with the economy, Wall Street and politicians is palpable,” writes Hina Mahmood in the Karachi-based Dawn.
“People are furious with banks in particular: the dire state of the economy caused by irresponsible lending, the bailout by the government with taxpayer dollars and finally, the cosy relationship between politicians and Wall Street resulting in low taxes for the wealthy and light regulation.”

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The world just had it with politicians particularly America. Obama was hope but was a trick, Bush from Africa with few Muslim relatives like Muslim really care if he is Muslim or even have no religion. Many of the hypocrite leaders and corrupt oppressive co-tyrants are Muslims America welcome to have them. In reality they actually run America the war against Saddam was made in the white house and the Saudi corrupt king palace. The big corporations are run by the Saudi princes and other Saudi royal family among the world elites. The world revolution is coming Obama can not stop it and we do not really trust him. He is a change we did not see, it is about his personal interests and the elites interests. People should not use violence since with overwhelming masses of people we will win over the elites. Actually police and army will stand with the masses against the 1% who control the world. No violence just overwhelm them with your numbers.

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