Monday, October 03, 2011

Al Fatin or Tribulation

By: Maged Taman

Al Fatin as prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told us in the past is the time in the end before the second coming of Jesus (PBUH). This time there will be a lot of confusion and division between Muslims. It is not because God want that, The knowing of God of the future does not mean that it is not our will and actions. For example if the Muslims scholars would stand early with the oppressed and with the revolutions this would cause the rapid success of the revolution and killing or wounding will become rare. A lot of Muslims scholars preferred the tyrants over us since they pay their salary as well they may punish them. Thus God will punish harshly in the day of judgement the scholars who would stand against our revolutions. The prophet of Muhammad (PBUH) is true and Al Mahdi is true and the second coming of Jesus is true.

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