Thursday, January 24, 2013

For a liberal like me Ben Ladin was a hero and Geroge Bush a manic tyrant.

By: Maged Taman

I do not know what was the dialogue between Bush and Obama in the white house before Bush to leave office. Very likely he was feeding him to stand against the bad Muslims the Jihadists. For liberals like me and even non-Muslims liberal Geroge Bush was the biggest joke of human history. For bloody manic likely from the days of skull and bones to greedy oil guy and in between he was the Jesus guy who is leading the beleivers. Very likely for a lot of good Christians the guy is no doubt one of our day times Anti-Christs. For the media controlled by the elites and the American governments controlled by the elites George Bush is off the hook he just a kid killed thousands of Muslims, Americans and destroyed the enconomy of America. You can not even sue Geroge Bush. The coward went after me at his time. I will tell you one joke he had my cell phone cut off. I called the telephone company and they had no answer for me. I knew at that time he was planning to see what If I get coward he may send me his guys and send me overseas to prisons he sent Muslims to and at that time was likely to Mubarak. However I spread the message at that time to all over the internet to let people know that to scare the hell out of him. I am known all over the internet and this will not go easy. The repercussions could have been great if something happened to me. Going back to comparing Ben Ladin and Geroge Bush. 9/11 like was Bush job God knows better, Ben Ladin was in defense and Bush was in agression. Ben Laden sacrificed his millions and his life for defending the poor and oppressed Muslims and have just liberal Muslims like me to advance their agneda even without talking to us. He knew th liberals will get the message and will try to overthrew th tyrants who America supported them for decades. George Bush on the other hand was standing with the rich oil guys around the world. I have no doubt that in the day of judgement Ben Ladin will be in heaven and George Bush will be burnt in hell. The only chance he has is to ask God for forgiveness and convert to Islam sicne God in Islam forgive everything if humans repent. I hope he does not do it, one of the rare occcaions I says that.

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