Wednesday, January 16, 2013

American Strategy to the Middle East very similar to the old one

By: Maged Taman

God said it in the Quran very clear that the Jews and Christians will not be satsified with you Muhammad until you follow them. Since he is the prophet of God like Jesus they are the one who to follow him and his Quran and not vice versa. The modern day Christianity is not that of Jesus but Bill Clinton and George Bush it is the domination of the elites and the control of the world to the whore who corrupted the world as God said in the Book of revelation through his prophet Jesus. Thus the war of the modern elitsit Christiantiy has nothing to do with true Christians or Christ. The pre- 9/11 world was for the goal of America Israel, Oil and protection of rich allies particularly in the Gulf. The after 9/11 world is to talk about democracy and not deliver like George Bush has his photos with the tyrants of Libya, Syria, Saudi and so on. Or the Obama/Clinton way is not to stand against revolutions in the Muslim world but to try to tam it for the empire or make it fail and even turn into civil war like in Syria.
In Syria they acheived their wicked goals very well by try to show the wolrd that they support the Syrian people while in reality do not make them succeed. Thus they are destroying both the Sunni Muslims in Syria and the regimes of Syria so they can weaken Iran. Very wicked people who control America. They are the same people who were supporting the Iraq and Iran protracted war for 8 years and even given Saddam the chemicals to burn the Iranians. Muslims only way for true liberation is Jihad.

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