Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Speech to President Morsi Of Eygpt

By: Maged Taman

We want you to succeed not for you but mostly for us and all of us in Egypt. No doubt you stood sometimes to Mubarak but most of the time Muslims brothers would play it very soft with Mubarak. We all Egyptians entitled to enjoy a new era of true justice and true liberity. These are main points that the Egyptians are looking for:

1- Moderate Islam.
2- Morals before law or Sharia, many people actually think that it will be implemnted by Jesus (PBUH).
3- No second class citizens in Egypt we are all first class.
4- Non of the corrupt guys of Mubarak to jump in for main leadership positions.
5- The military council time to go home and no one to have a leadership position including Tantweey.
6- The corrupt Gulf tyrants should not play any role or try to take over through Muslims brothers or Salfi they already tried to keep Mubarak in power to the last minute.
7- No one run the presidnent of Egypt but what is good for Islam and Egypt.
8- Iran or Shia not to take over Egypt, they already expressed their most of hate to Sunni in Syria. We have to win the Shia street. Their leaders you do not know what they think of since the have something called takia meaning that they will talk to you and their heart will hide their intentions. There were no Shia in the time of the prophet. The Islam that came to us from the prophet has only two sources the Quran and hadith of the prophet.
9- We should make peace between the the palstinians and Israeli for the benfits of all people in the area.
10- Economic propsperity should be our first aim. However, we should help out in the revolutions to liberate our fellow Muslims.
11- Non-Muslims in Islamic country should feel first class citizens that is how Islam was welcomed in early Khalifa in the continents they opened.

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