Saturday, June 23, 2012

End of time Crazziness

By: Maged Taman

You would suspect the most close to one another is conservative Muslims/Christians/Jews, wrong they every one of them thinks he is in the side of good and the others the evil. Christians and Jews did not accept Muhammad (PBUH) and the Jews did not accept Jesus (PBUH). You think again that liberals of the same religion accept the other liberals and not conservatives of other groups, half wrong liberals are likely to accept conservatives particularly those of the other religion. You think ultraconservatives of Muslims Sunni and Shia are in the same camp, wrong again both are in opposite camp, both may be anti-America and anti-Israel which does not make them friends. You think liberals and secular in the Muslim/Arab world are pro-America and Israel, wrong again. They are anti-extremists but in large part despise American and the west policies that care most about Oil and Israel and kept dictators in power for decades. You think the Salafi are anti-American and Anti-west, wrong again many of them are pro-the Arab tyrants so they can be pro and Anti-west in the same times or like their corrupt tyrants pro-west when sit down with the the west in close doors and anti-west when they sit down in closed door. Then you think Iran/Shia should be anti-Assad since he is a secular guy and they are hard line Islamists, wrong they are with this secular corrupt guy since he is not Sunni and they want all people to be Shia or even Alawi but not Sunni. So what is the answer is real moderates and liberal religious leaders who believe justice, liberty and good living condition is  to everyone whatever his religion, race, sex,-----

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