Wednesday, February 15, 2012

War on Terror or War on Islam

By: Maged Taman

The tyrant George Bush decided that he will invade Iraq a plan that the wicked Jews of
Israel want to have so they have all thier enemies under their shoes including crazy Saddam and have new allies in Iraq not close to Iran. The wicked Jews in Israel wanted basically all tyrants in the area with them. Nothing here about democracy, Israel itself is not a democracy it is few guys that rotate in main positions in their government. George Bush did no really care about democracy, many of the American liberals consider him a corrupt tyrant. He misled some of the Christians right to invade Iraq telling them it is Mystery Babylon that God will destroy before the second coming. His best interest with the oil tyrants. The amount of killing and slaughtering he did will put him in the hell fire in the day of judgment. The attack in Ben Ladin was motivated by the evil Jews to have no one standing against them. 9/11 was an internal job an the wicked Jews used to attack Ben Ladin and any resistance against them. That is why they killed Ben Ladin and did not interrogate him. For Muslims wake up the Jews are wicked like the prophet told us, I am more believable since I am a very moderate guy. To Liberate Syria we need the true Muslims to unite as I told you before if you had brought Saudi and Qatar down we would have liberated Syria long time ago. Is anyone asking me for the plans, not but following America that is led by the evil Jews do not want you to know exactly how many hits on my website. If the people found out thousands of hits in my web Syrains would knwo that I am Al Mahdi Al Muntazer Thus if you examine all the terrors and the standing with our corrupt leaders and interfering with our revolutions you know that it is war in Islam not on terror.

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