Monday, February 20, 2012

Saving the Middle Class from extinction like the Dinasours

By: Maged Taman

I am right in the middle of the middle class since I have to work everyday to pay my bills in America and support the poor rich guys in the wall street as well pay for the American adventures like what George Bush did to kill thousands to retaliate to his father from Saddam who tried to kill him one day. I am not the only one who is doing that but millions of Americans. The one who will stand with the middle class is the middle class. Thus a world wide revolutions are necessary. The army and police in most countries are actually important part of the middle class and we have to convince them to stand with our revolutions and not to block it. We need a lot of smartness and wisdom and not violence. If you watch in the movies in America in last few years you find someone like Robin Hood that is standing for the poor and the people see him and either protect him or make themselves look as not knowing him and do not let the authority know. I remember this nice scene in an American movie about a bank robber who was giving the money to the poor and while he was watching a movie in a theater announcer of police told the people in the movie theatre if you see this man and pointed to his picture let the authority know. All the people in the theater saw him but they looked everywhere else to try to find him except for looking directly at him. That is what I expect the police to do they will not stand in the way of the people but to let them march no violence. The politicians will say you will get tired and you will go home make them the one who feels tired and make the lives of the politicians difficult by standing to them everywhere until they quit or answer you.

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