Wednesday, February 15, 2012

To the good Christians working in Military, CIA, FBI and special forces do not betray Jesus for the Jews

By: Maged Taman

Many good Jews you see them in your daily lives are not the Jews elites who control the world and I am talking about them now. Those are the Jews who control the elites of America in politics, banking system and military industrial complex. Those are the people who send you for wars of Oil, Israel and the tyrant Gulf billionaires who are in the pockets of the Jews. while you are scarifying your pension and health care for their adventures for their waited Messiah who is not Jesus. Ask all Muslims who is the Messiah they will tell you he is Jesus and Muslims like you are awaiting for him to come soon. Time for Christians to listen to the true voice of Jesus he told the Jews that they will not accept him and accept the false Messiah or the Anti-Christ who will be a Jew do not stand with their Satanic system.

Forget about some of the misled and misleading Christians who have blind wrong interpreting of prophecies. Christ is coming soon and Muslims will be waiting for him in white pure cloths like the good Christians. There is a man who will help to get the world ready for Christ he will be A Muslim described in Muslim prophecies look for him: he has broad forehead, his middle of the nose is elegantly elevated, his right check has a mark and his face looks like a gleaning star. He is tall and white, his body do not look like the Arabs of Saudi but like the body of a Jew. It is a prophecy follow this man he will be with you paving the way to Christ. Many of good Jews recognize him.

Al Mahdi Al Muntazer

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