Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Legacy of Gamal Abed Al Nassar

By: Maged Taman

Gamal Abed Al Nasser was a big dream to the Arabs, that he did not let us live it to the end. Nasser started the Egyptian revolution with great courage he and his young army officers friends put their lives on the line. They started the Egyptian revolution of 1952 as a white revolution they organized it very well with the right forces in place before people wake up from sleep to find the units of the army in the right place. No doubt God stood with them at this day. Nasser has great ideas and principals, his attack on America and Israel were not crazy demagogue. Saudi like it always has been the country of the imperial America (which is different from the American people). Nasser at that time was supporting the revolutions against colonism. He did not like communism but socialism which is much milder form of communism. He no doubt raised many of the Egyptians classes and made it possible to anyone to get into the university. Pan-Arabism was a great concept which was thought ultimately to lead unity of the Arabs. Nasser was liked much in the Arab street. He built industry in Egypt and allowed for a great middle class. Three things he did not do well: one the absence of democracy and not allowing people to vote against him and his party, two his oppression of his opponents and the police state that made people live in, third he did not call for Islamic revival which if you really a sincere Muslim and not even deeply religious it is very simple and clear that God want us to implement his Quran in the earth. Cutting hands or thief and stoning for adultery are very rare punishments and the most common is implementing the morality of Islam. One simple demand in Islam is no one to sleep hungry to bed unless it is his wish. We know Islam from the prophet and the best government with his and his Kholafa Al rasheeden. Sadat did well in two main tasks of his presidency war when he has to do it and has no other way and peace when he has the dignified peace that he was looking for. When we go back to God he will tell us who did the best and who was fake or sincere. Of course Mubarak proved to us that he is Halof which in Arab it means the dirty animal that wants to eat and shit without any human principals. All he cared about is to get as much money as he can and his family and oppress and torture his enemies and offer himself as a slave if this will keep him in power. No doubt we wished all of them to succeed and hopefully the people after them. Enjoy these videos particularly that which invoke in us the love of country which is second after love of God, his prophets and our families.

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