Thursday, February 09, 2012

Open Letter to Islamists in Egypt open a dialogue with the Egyptian People

By: Maged Taman

To Islamists in Egypt yes for Islam and yes for the justice and morality of Islam. Know very well that you did not make the revolution and actually you did not stand against Mubarak and other tyrants who wanted my head in America but I knew how to protect myself. You were actually very reluctant to stand for the revolution in the beginning. We want you to succeed and not to fall. Thus sit down with the Egyptians and tell us what is your real plan, let us know how your plan can be separate from America and Israel. We are not looking for wars but for sure we are not looking for their friendship, at least now. You want to understand America and the evil Jews that control it give you a personal example in my last few years in America they ruined my personal life and with their lawless and criminal George Bush they made me feel in fear all the time with lawsuits and with conspiring with the patients. Of course I can not prove it since they all Americans, but a lot of you in the Arab/Muslim world would trust what I say. They did not allow me to go overseas after I got a contract in one of the Arab countries by stealing my passport typical of the evil Jews. I do not have personal fight with the elites of America but my anger of their wickedness and when I stand to them they take it personal against me talking about democracy. See Syria they support them through the assholes of the Arab gulf tyrants so they slow things down and see what is good for Israel. If they would let us alone we could did quick without all these lives lost but they are controlling the Arab/Muslim world through the tyrants of the Gulf. The Gulf tyrants trying to keep still Bashar in power since he proved to be good for Israel. Again and again Iran and shia is not helping us out while America, Israel and their tails in the gulf countries are wicked and looking for the benefit of the elites in all of these countries. So we need a large moderate Islamic and liberal movement separate from them to have new Middle East not that of George Bush using democracy against the one he want to attack and support his friends tyrants very strongly.

Al Mahdi Al Muntazer

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