Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Call to Jihadists Fight Bashar not America and we will all stand with you

By: Maged Taman

The Jihadists unlike most of the moderates are willing to give their lives for God. 9/11 was made by internal conspirators in America. Bush and his gang used it to attack any enemies of Israel/King of Saudi thus was the war of Iraq and oil. Bush went to Afghanistan as well to kill Muslims without proving to us that Ben Laid did 9/11. The ties between Bush and Saudi family is much stronger than between either and their people. Jihadists war in Afghanistan is for self defense and they called in America many times for cease fire. You can remember easily the words of Bush "continue on the offense". Look at his face and you will find a bloody wolf who would love to kill and torture. At personal level he was going after me in America since I say the words of the truth. Imagine for the last 4 years or so he was intimidating me by lawsuits. Imagine you are a doctor in America and doing your best to take care of your patients and this monster is threatening me with lawsuits. You can not even prove it since the Americans who conspire with his FBI/CIA to come after me will deny it. It is my word against their word. I made it clear to Obama if anyone to try to do it again a lot of young Muslims all over the world will be very angry. Since I was always the good guy who is trying to make peace. I keep telling people that God anger is upon all of us and you see Earthquakes everywhere. Back to Jihadists it is clear that America/Israel and the Arab tyrants delayed the Syrians' revolution and if not protected Bashar. The last joke is friends of Syria. Imagine if they are not involved in that and imagine if we as Arab/Muslim people is to gather our effort and have a big army ready in few days we would have struck by fighter jets Bashar palaces and his headquarters and we would have liberated the Syrians.

Al Mahdi Al Muntazer

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