Thursday, March 10, 2011

Saudi Revolution is Coming Soon

By: MAged Taman

Saud Al Fisal who is the minister of external affairs forever and one of the Saudi tyrant family is trying to block the revolution. He is talking now about dialogue so why he did not do that long time ago only when he sees the revolution is coming. We need to know the wealth of the Saudi family how much. The wars in the Middle East were ignited by the Saudi tyrant family they paid for the two Gulf wars to prove their obedience to the west. They are not in love with the west for anything but to help them stay in power and be protected. Same like Mubarak and the tyrannical regimes around. The west will not stand against the will of the Arab/Muslim people as we are seeing so far. The Saudi has to go in the streets and bring down the tyrant Saudi regime. No force except for self defence no attack on any of the western people or their properties. We are not in a war with the west. The west was supporting the tyrants under the table, now we are in a new era in the open asking for our freedom. The west in public will not stand against our revolutions. They will be welcomed if to assist us like they did in Egypt in the last minute.

Al Mahdi Al Muntazer

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