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Qur’an Revealed: A Christian Critique


Qur’an Revealed: A Christian Critique
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Some call the Qur’an a peace loving document. Others use it as a call to war. How can you understand it if you never read it? In this day and age, where Islam has made important inroads into the West and is challenging a number of Western values and cultural norms, an annotated Qur’an is a vital resource for Christians.
For the first time, Qur’an Revealed provides an English translation of the Qur’an, with its one hundred fourteen surahs arranged in chronological order, and accompanied by interpretive notes from mainstream Islamic scholars, making its text understandable to any interested reader.
More importantly, for the Christian reader, Greer’s explanatory essays, surah-by-surah and verse-by-verse annotations, use historical-critical research to clarify the occasional similarities and the many differences between the Qur’an and the Bible.
In one volume, these questions are clearly and authoritatively answered:
What does the Qur’an actually say?
How do mainstream Islamic scholars interpret it?
How does it line up with historical-critical analysis
How does it square with the Bible?
In this day and age, where Islam has made important inroads into the West and is challenging a number of Western values and cultural norms, an annotated Qur’an should be a vital resource not only for interested Christians, but for people in general.
“I must say, it is as toilsome reading as I ever undertook. A wearisome confused jumble, crude, incondite; endless iterations, long-windedness, entanglement…insupportable stupidity, in short! Nothing but a sense of duty could carry any European through the Koran!”
-Thomas Carlyle
Most non-Muslims have a similar opinion of the Qur’an. Yet the Qur’an Revealed overcomes this problem due to the rearrangement of the surahs by placing them in chronological order, and the addition of notes and essays.
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Blogger comment:
I was listening to Mr. Geer in one of the Christians radio Internet program. We as Muslims encourage Christians to read the Quran and have the interpretation from all parties. God in the Quran mention and encourage us to think about Muhammad and where is the Quran came from. I encourage Muslims scholars to read Mr. Geer book and even consider his point of view is right and they are wrong and read it the way he put it chronologically.

In scientific research people does it with the first notion that the probability of hypothesis could be wrong or different hypothesis are equally right or wrong. In the main things of Mr. Geer critic of the Quran in the messiah branch talk radio show he were flatly wrong. One is that as he put the Quran in chronological order saying that people will discover that Jihad came in older time of Muhammad mission. God made it clear that Jihad is not craziness you start to spread the message starting by few people and ask them to fight the all powerful pagans. When Muslims have the number and strength God permitted them to fight and defend themselves. This is not new information to Muslims this is well known in the time of Muhammad and ever since.

The other thing he says that the Quran has contradiction regarding alcohol. This could be true if the Quran says in one verse: alcohol is allowed though it is prohibited. What the Quran said chronologically in the first verse is that alcohol has benefits and ills and the ills are more than the benefits. In the second verse he said that Muslims should not drink alcohol before prayers. The third verse is alcohol is prohibited. Alcohol was a big thing in the lives of the Arabs and they were used to it so much that the process had to come gradually. If a christian to ask me today I want to convert to Islam but I like my wine I will tell him to cut down gradually and then stop it. Then he says that Sharia law is even making the case against Quran and he made the example that Muslims are forced their daughters to have arranged marriages. The latter is a culture thing and not a sharia law. Actually the tradition of the Arab before Islam is to force women to marry someone. In sharia law it is very clear that women have the choice who to marry and has the right to ask and even enforce their divorce. Ask people who would have experience in successful marriages they will tell you the less the diversity is the better for the marriage to succeed like same culture, language, ethnic background and so forth. Although that is still not absolute.

The Arabic culture also is it is OK to have fornication for men particularly before marriage and not women the Sharia law is to have purity of both before marriage. The culture actually accepted man to kill woman for adultery. While the Sharia law put both of them in a similar ground and made it very difficult to prove adultery and to a man to take his wife life for adultery is punished by death even harsher than non-Islamic law. Review the Sharia law if you are really sincere.

Muslims believe much more in moralities than laws. That is why Sharia law came late in Muhammad mission. Actually many Muslims like me believe that we are to form the moral societies now and make it up to Jesus in his second coming which is sooner than you think to apply the sharia law.

Evangelizing should be part of the Muslim missions to have people to know about Jesus and his glorified second coming. We have to accept as Muslims that some Christians would have difficulty not accepting Jesus as only great prophet and not Son of God. We have to enlighten people knowing certainly that faith is choice and there is guidance from God. If God is not willing to guide them you will not guide them even if you show them you can walk on a thin rob or you can fly without wings.

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