Thursday, March 03, 2011

How to bring Qaddafi down and do that quickly

By: Maged Taman

It is clear that every minute that Qaddafi stay in power means more death, wounded people and destruction in Libya. It is clear he is crazy to the last minute. The ways to bring him down and quickly:

1- Promise of forgiveness to people around him if they will leave him in 48 hours. After that they will be tried in a military court for killing the Libyan people.

2- To the pilots who will bomb Qaddafi they will be highly rewarded both in military ranks and in monetary rewards.

3- To the mercenaries who would leave him in 48 hours they will be a money gift say 5000 dollars or so and paid trip back to their country.

4- Get his spirit and people around him broken down by having articles all over the Arab world and the media including Al Jazzera, face book that his regime is falling and projecting the possibility of covert Western operations against him. Make a lot of noise make him find that he is done, the more he will look shaky to the people around him the more they will leave him and the faster he will collapse. Do not make him or his sons look on photos in strong shape and good spirit have them look broken and desperate. Propaganda and psychological wars were always the pretext to have a military victory.

5- Repeat it again and again we are in God side we are the good guys our rights and demands are legitimate.

6- Says it is a prophecy and nothing can stop a prophecy, which is tomorrow news given in the past from the mighty power that know the future. This power is the creator who knew the past, present and future. We are actors in his written history but we are taking the good side against the evil side, we have the will but we are still doing the predetermined will of God.

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