Saturday, March 05, 2011

10 Points Plan to bring Qaddafi down

By: Maged Taman

It is clear the Qaddafi will fight to the last Libyan woman and child. We will not wait until more people die we have to move fast to bring him down:

1- Assassination of Qaddafi: will be the most rapid to bring about a collapse of his gang who work for him.

2- Make Qaddafi fearful: a restless and fearful leader would look weak and broken to his people and kill their moral and desire to fight.

3- Give people around him a way out: if no way out they will fight to death since you already destined them to die. The way is encouraging them, true promise of forgiveness and those who are proactive in bringing Qaddafi down will be rewarded.

4- Know many of his soldiers and call them in cell phone and tell them you can get away from Qaddafi and will be safe tell them about steps to get way from him.

5- Find out how many units he has who are the army chiefs and even soldiers names contact them and even their own family have short concise message in one to two minutes about the hell Qaddafi put Libya on and how it will be wonderful without him.

6- Make clear to people around him that he will go down no doubt about it he has no way to survive it most Arab/Muslims and the west want him to go. These is a matter of few days why you want to die for a crazy tyrant.

7- Very clear that Muslim Imams declared Jihad against Qaddafi as obligation. His people went into peaceful demonstrations to have the right of freedom and he like a crazy mad dog shot them dead.

8- Already Qaddafi was declared an international criminal, lawyers in the Arab world can make his life miserable by filling hundreds of law suits against him and handed to the Libyan embassies every where.

9- Military leaders from Arab and Muslim world can help the Libyans in organizing war plans and getting more fighters to conquer him.

10- The west are willing to have no fly zone and can have the Arab jet fighters has planes deployed for air bases and possibly airships to bomb Qaddafi main targets. A close bombing to him personally does magic against him. When president Reagan bombed him to close he behave like a disciplined boy for years.

Time for the Arab/Muslims and west to cooperate to bring Qaddafi down already the Arab asked for that it is not intrusion from the west. It is an international effort to stop a mad dog who is infected with rabies and going wild to kill anyone in his way to great madness that he find it to be glorious.

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