Tuesday, March 29, 2011

If you Recite the Quran rightfuly you will believe in it

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful By: Maged Taman Those (who embraced Islâm from Banî Israel) to whom We gave the Book [the Taurât (Torah)] [or those (Muhammad's Peace be upon him companions) to whom We have given the Book (the Qur'ân)] recite it (i.e. obey its orders and follow its teachings) as it should be recited (i.e. followed), they are the ones that believe therein. And whoso disbelieves in it (the Qur'ân), those are they who are the losers In the verse above God made it clear that those who believe in the Quran the book of God are those who recite it the right way. This right way is: 1- Recite it as it could be from God not to come with the idea already in your head that it is not from God. 2- Recite it with honesty not to try to defeat it but to be open minded and read it with sincerity to find the truth. 3- If there appear to be a contradiction or not understanding the verse to read more to people who interpreted the Quran well. 4- Do not recite it for second gain to come back to people and say yes we were right and I red it from the first page to its end. 5- To recite it knowing the language or read well the right translation. 6- To recite it as you are seeing the prophet recite it to the Arabs around him without scrolls in his hands and without knowing how to read or write. 7- To recite it as if you are going to die tomorrow when you will meet God what are you going to tell him about your recitation. Is it was honest sincere one or you tried to buy the votes of people or their wicked desires. 8- You have to follow the recitation the Quran was meant to be put in the shelf but in our daily lives. If you noted these 8 points can be found in the Quran in various verses. That is why the Quran explains itself and why it resonates with itself.

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