Sunday, March 27, 2011

How The Muslims Imams and Scholars Supported the Fitna

By: Maged Taman The Arab/Muslims have the right to stand against their tyrants. They went peacefully to call for meaningful change and dialogue. The governments of the tyrants play the game well either do not respond of make a little change with no obvious change. No dramatic change in people lives to elect their leaders and make them accountable. Just oppression and poverty. As we saw most of the corrupt Arab tyrants were planning to have the inheritance of the countries to their children and their corrupt friends. The Muslim scholars split some of them who do not fear God and fear the tyrants went with the tyrants and some of them went strongly with the people. Muslim scholars and Imams created and contributed to Fitna if they would sit down and unanimously support the masses we would have quick victory over the tyrants. The fitna is not done by people who are seeking their freedom and better lives but by the tyrants and their scholars who are standing against the people. Time to stand with God and believe in what is right. Time for the Imams and Muslim scholars to buy their eternity instead of getting money or power from the tyrants. Why do not the Imams ask to have a national dialogue in every Arab and Muslim country between the people and their tyrants. Why we wait for the tyrants to do that after they kill the people and after they found out that the people are standing strong. The west and America have difficulty standing in the side and they likely to stand with the masses. The international policies are governed in most part by ideals and interests. If we can make a good case to America and the west that standing with the masses is in their ideals and interests they will continue to stand with the revolutions and will have a real change. Al Mahdi Al Muntazer

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