Tuesday, March 29, 2011

From Al Mahdi Al Muntazer to the Libyans around Qaddafi

By Maged Taman: To the Libyan people around Qaddafi time to leave him alone. He cared only about one thing called Qaddafi. Crazy support for terrorism and wasting your money to make himself a hero. He states that he is standing for Islam while he went after Muslims and terrorized them. In order to stay in power he is willing to kill more people. He just can not imagine himself without power. His love of power and fame would make him stand against the will of his people. He did not even offer dialogue with the opposition either to surrender or I will kill all of you. According to the prophecy God is standing with us in end of time and we will liberate ourselves. It is your choice to stand with me and what is right or stand against your Islam and the right thing which is people have the right to elect their leaders and change them. They have the right not to have oppressive and corrupted governments. Leave Qaddafi and join the rest of the Libyan people you will be safe. Qaddafi now is very likely thinking how to leave the country to place where he will be safe and his family to the end of their lives and how he can get as much money as he can to grab with him. Leave him alone and stand with God, your Islam and me. Al Mahdi Al Muntazer

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