Tuesday, March 29, 2011

President Obama Speech: Quick Analysis

By: Maged Taman Very difficult to be a president particularly so if you are the president of America. He has to talk to all the people and make everyone he cares about hear what he likes to hear: 1- Qaddafi: he does not care about what he wants to hear as well the rest of us do not care about Qaddafi. 2- Some people like to hear why he did not go earlier and he said he is in consultation. 3- Some people want to hear why he should go and he told them why. 4- Some people wanted him to be forceful against Qaddafi but he was afraid to fracture the alliance. 5- Some people wanted to be sure it is not another Iraq and he let them know why. 6- Some people wanted to hear no doctrine of regime changes and he did do that. 7- Some people wanted to know the end game and what if so happen what will be our reaction. However he did not like to make commitments so he can be flexible in the future. Thus Obama gave a good speech it was difficult to appease all of us he tried to be a politician as much as he can. However the commitment to the mission is strong he just has to move more forceful and be clear that is no other way to Qaddafi leave and do that quickly. The longer he stays in power the more sway of allies from mission and the more the tricks Qaddafi will do to turn people against America.

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