Sunday, May 06, 2012

Obama Is Just Bush In Disguise


Obama Is Just Bush In Disguise

Finding a good President is really hard. Not long after George W. Bush was elected I came to the conclusion that he was a mouth breathing moron; later I had to revise that opinion when the facts proved that he was, instead, a ventriloquist's dummy in the form of a mouth breathing moron, with Dick Cheney's hand up his back. I voted for Ron Paul in the Republican Primary, then considered McCain to be a tolerable President, and voted for him. Palin did not bother me; I figured that she could be as good of a VP as Biden, and, if necessary, would be as good of a President as Biden. I may not have seen through Obama's lies, but I am smart enough to know when someone promises "hope and change" with only vague descriptions of what that change will be, that to elect that person would, at best, put a smarmy used car salesman in the White House. Unfortunately, he is worse than that, but, upon his election, I had hoped that he understood what being President was all about, unlike his predecessor. I was wrong, or at least disappointed.

The President of the United States has four main responsibilities from my point of view: Commander in Chief of the Military, to set a general tone for progress in the United States, represent us to foreign governments, and to be the torchbearer of liberty for all Americans. Obama is the Commander in Chief, but that is about all I can say. It is, however, the last one that concerns me.

While I expect a mouth breathing moron puppet and his sociopathic handler to attempt to gut the Constitution, I would expect a man supposedly concerned with the welfare of the people to at least attempt to increase Liberty, rather than destroy it. The fact that Obama tells us that he is "for the people" then works against both the good and the will of the people, tells us that he is something other than what he claims. He is, in fact, a tyrant that works from the "soft" angle rather than the "hard" angle as did his predecessor, though there is little difference in the two.

What? you say. They are complete opposites! No, they are not; in fact, they are almost exactly the same, it is only their approach that is different. Both "W" and Obama have worked very hard to reduce Liberty and to enslave the citizens of the United States. The difference is that Cheney used fear and Obama uses greed.

Look at the facts:

  • Both Bush and Obama get most of their advisers from places like Goldman Sachs or other huge banks, investment houses, and corporations.
  • Both have maintained the mis-named "Patriot Act" in its entirety.
  • Both are allowing Federal Agencies to treat American Citizens as "enemy combatants" who are jailed indefinitely, denied counsel or charges, and are treated as guilty until proven innocent.
  • Both have allowed the TSA to become the American Gestapo.
  • Both maintain the prison in Guantanamo Bay.
  • Both treat U.S. citizenship as a burden rather than a privilege.
  • Neither understands the concept of a "balanced budget".
  • Both have borrowed more money than we can ever repay.
  • Both pander to those who would donate money to their campaigns.
  • Both are more concerned with other countries trade than with our own.
  • Neither is willing to bring jobs back from overseas, and neither is willing to stop the flow of American jobs to foreign countries.
  • Both treat various sections of the population as second-class citizens.
  • Both have escalated wars and world tensions.
  • Both keep ruining our reputation with other countries, but while Bush was condemned for it, Obama gets a Nobel Prize.
  • Both are more apt to listen to environmental activists than real scientists.
  • Both improperly use the Justice Department and Presidential Signing Orders.
The list goes on and on...if any person will take off their political blinders and look at what is going on they will see that there is little difference in administrations, just a difference in approach.

So, what happened to the men of integrity who would work ceaselessly and tirelessly to ensure that this country remained the freest on earth?

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