Saturday, April 20, 2013

To the naive people who think that Al Shia is waiting for Al Mahdi: these are my answers: 1- He will be Sunni and they are killing Sunni like no tomorrow in Iraq and Syria. 2- They will stand agianst him when they find that he is Sunni and try to spoil his plans already did I tried to unite them with Sunni for few years and they did not even answer my e-mails. 3- They will play they are against America and Israel so stop our plan from liberating Syria and they stand against or wait to take over every country we to liberate. 4- They always stood against the Sunni with foreign invasions over the history. 5- They already did not stand with Imam Hussein after they promised him to do so and they left him to be sluaghtered. 6- Most of their dectorines are against Islam and their Mahdi is a great myth basically what ever cross their scholars minds they tell people so they can get their money. 7- Most of ordinary Shia are good people but controlled by their leaders and scholars who in large part are liars and corrupt. It is over now either for the Shia to convert to Islam or they will be judged for the Sunni Muslims that killed in Syria.

عبدالله العبد

الأربعاء, 17 إبريل 2013 - 08:23 am \"مالكم كيف تحكمون\"

اخي الدكتور ايمن، انت قلت :\"أنا شخصيا أكره كل ما لدى الشيعة من بدع وأتمنى أن أصحو ذات صباح فأجدهم قد اختفوا من خارطة العالم أو تحولوا إلى المذهب السني\".\r\nسؤالي اليك والى كل منصف : هل تريد الشيعي ان تحول الى سني ولا يذكر مهدي هذه الامة، اين ذكركم لمخلص هذه الامة، الم يذكره الصادق الامين ويذكر بخروجه؟ الم يعد الله الرسول بظهور ونصر الدين الاسلامي على الاديان كلها كما في القران؟ الن ينزل نبي الله من اولي العزم (عيسى) ليكون ناصرا للمهدي ويصلي خلف الامام المهدي؟ اين ذكر ذلك المخلص في ثقافة السني؟ الهذا تتمنى ان يختفي الشيعة ليختفي ذكر أهل البيت وذكر الامام المهدي كما الحكومات تريد؟؟؟؟\r\nحسبي الله

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