Saturday, April 13, 2013

Question to the Shia leaders and liars: If you find out Al Mahdi Al Muntazer to be Sunni do you really going to help him. If so how come I e-mailed you several times and you did not answer my e-mails. How come when I sent to Sistani and to some other corrupted Shia politicians e-mails you did not answer me particularly you were taking orders from America and the oppressive corrupt Geroge Bush. I know you hate America and Israel like no tomorrow and I know that you decieved the Americans in liberating Iraq for you and for your crazy take over of the Sunni world and you Mahdi who will never come. I know you hate the Gulf tyrants like no tommorrow. All of these may make you attract some of the hard line Sunni Islamists but for most Sunni Muslims you are much more dangerous than any enemy of Islam. In fact if not for you we could have liberated Syria years ago without all of the blood shed and same with liberating the Gulf. You are actually part of the Fatin Sunni Muslims have to endure before the return of Christ. Actually before the rise of Al Mahd if you read the book of revelation you will find persecution of Sunni Muslims from different enemies including you. The good thing there is eternal life and God will reward us for all this tribulation we will be going through. As in the book of revelation will be dressing white waiting for Jesus second coming. Actually a lot of good christians will realize the true understanding of the book of revelation and will accept Al Mahdi.


الجمعة, 12 إبريل 2013 - 06:55 am We need to protect egypt

Egypt is a sunni country. History tells us that shiaa are the bigest enemies of muslim and islam. And therefore we do want them in egypt or any other muslim country. look to what happened in iraq and what is happening now in syra. If your belief is shiaa you can go and practice it in iran but not definetly in egypt

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