Saturday, September 15, 2012

What Morsi need to do is not to work through America and its co-gang. He should stand only with Arab/Muslims masses to solve all the problems over there. He has to talk to all factions even Jihadisits and found how we can create new united Muslim world. For most of Muslims even liberal like me we do not trust Jews and Chrisitians until they convert to Islam. We are not in holy war with them we just do not trust them. A thing very evil is to put my web up to let you know I am under their supervision, controlling my blog and so live in intimidation. They stole my passport talking about democracy and human freedom. All I did I am very vocal against them and all the tyrants. Obama is like Bush both are Chrisitans and both conspire against Islam. Thus Morsi to stand up and unite us Muslims and be brave Nasser stood for years against American emperialism he was not invoking the name of God that is why he lost. Go to Russia and ask them to interfere to help our problems. As you saw Qatar who is under Mozza control destroy it Syria. If we were the one who are leading this will never happen. Be Brave God/Allah is much stronger than America.

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