Thursday, September 13, 2012

To the Respected Leaders of Russia and China this is just info

By: Maged Taman

To the respected leaders of Russia and China first of all we need your help in Syria it is not an American project. They are semi-standing with Syrain sunni just to oppose Iran. We have nothing to do with America and the Gulf tyrants. As you recall the war in Iraq was for the oil/Israel and the Gulf tyrants. Most of Muslims are moderate and are not fan of the American policies. Freedom is the name of the game. George Bush was using freedom game to attack Saddam who was the dog of America in the area. We all know that the oil big CEO's were in the white house for the energy policy before the war of Iraq. Just to let you know about their lies and what they did for me last few years. I am very independent minded and stay to what is right. The asshole George Bush for the last few years was paying patients money to have them sue me so I have miserable life in America so I shut up since I was against his policies and his asshole friend the King of Saudi. As you know they are part of the oil gang that control the world. Meanwhile they stole my passport from my appartment so I can not leave and stay in America. I have to pay my bills and I have to work as a doctor so they have the lexury of using patients against me. Peopel will happily do it and a lot of Americans already lie, though some of them are very honest. Anyway. I have to talk to you about the injustices against Sunni Muslims by Bashar and my case here in America. Just an info as well to let them know any intimidation I will take them publicly to the world.

Maged Taman

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