Saturday, September 01, 2012

To the Coward Muslims everywhere stand with me.

By: Maged Taman

It is the time of the end before Jesus Second Coming. Al Mahdi is a man who will stand to the world and pave the way to the second coming of Jesus. I am not a crazy guy otherwise the American government could brought down my blog it is even protecting it but with limited hits like you see since a lot of Americans now think I am Al Mahdi Al Muntazer or the Anti-Chirst. I am not asking anyone to shot some people for me but we have the internet and the social media we can bring down any corrupt regime. We have common interest with a lot of people to have moderate Islam prevail and true one not that controlled by tyrants or extremists. Some of the Shia like Sunni particularly leaders do not want to see Al Mahdi rise up despite their propaganda. No doubt the tyrants like king of Saudi would like me to disappear if not killed. This is the time of tribulation and fatin, a lot of Muslims hypocrites will stand against Al Mahdi. I could not forget hearing some Muslims hypocrites when I tell them I could be Al Mahdi and they tell me so what. God chose one out of billion of Muslims to lead them back to their religion and moderation as well freedom to chose their leaders and their distany and they tell you so what and if there is one of the Gulf prince passing by they will stand for him and greet them. That is why it will be the time of tribulation since many Muslims will stand against their own religion for peronal gain. Many of the so called Muslims scholars did not answer my e-mails particularly those standing with the tyrants. Why I do not give up because it is not getting any better and no gurantee that it will be if I close my blog. Besides I have a lot of evidences that I am AL Mahdi Al Muntazer particularly with the media blocking me. They could have let me apppear long time ago either in America or Al Jazzera and if you publicly told me that we do not believe in what you say and you are fake you could have get rid of me long time ago. It appears you can not it appears to me I am still a prophecy. Thus Muslims to stand with me and not the elites, the corrupt, some of Shea who misleading their people for a non-sense mystical Mahdi that will never come so they block the true Mahdi. Secular and liberal Msulims Islam is a very liberal religion you have the right to disbelieve or sin or do anthing you like. It is in most part war in Islam by a lot of sides particularly Muslims hypocrites.

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