Saturday, September 15, 2012

What is up Geroge Bush or in Arabic we call it Akhbaric Aeh Ya ben Alsharmouta. To the Muslims and Arab I am a very polite person but God asked us to talk about injustices and not to be coward. George Bush Ben Al Sharamotta tried to destroy my life in America of course I can not tell you everything but one thing among that I can tell you is he was after me for 5 years or more getting people to sue me and make my life miserable. As you would gussed even my lawyer would not able to tell you that who will stand against FBI and CIA and two assholes Americans presidents. Thus I can not even sue Bush or his goverenment It is OK for them to persecute me and OK to be intimidated and OK.. because they are stronger than you. My message is Fuck Geroge Bush and any one who put me in all these stresses last few years. Geroge Bush thinks he will enjoy his retierment and the millions of dollars he made from oil with the help of his oil king friend Abed Allah do not think so.

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