Saturday, September 01, 2012

To the good Christians in America and around the world I am not the Antichrist but Al Mahdi Al Muntazer. As a lot of you know when the American establishment knew about me and before the American people knew me the war criminal Geroge Bush who is standing with Satan and his kingdom in Earth against the Kingdom of God told the Pastors/Priests I am the anit-Christ to block me from reaching you. His goal is to protect the Gulf tyrants for the oil that he made a whealth from. People who know me and around me will tell you that I am not the Anti-Christ and in fact Geroge Bush the killer of million of Muslims is the Anti-Christ and servant of the elites of the world. What is common between the Bush dynasty, the Queen of england dynasty, the Qatar or Saudi dynasty is the money th0at they want to protect and have the best of us the America and British military to fight for them for their whealth. Tha is why a lot of people think their will be backlash from those great soldiers of America and Britain.

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