Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why Obama Oppressed me in my website: Simply he is Al Mhdi Al Muntazer

By Maged Taman

Obama uses the same tactic Bush used against me. He blocked me from getting to the media to explain my Taman Health Plan and my world views. They did block me even at the Arab media level. Whenever I wanted to talk to media anywhere they blocked me (tyranny). The only one who stood against them is Meria Heller who agreed to have interview me since they did not show her any evidence I am of any harm. Simply Bush and Obama take orders from the evil Jews and not good Jews the first do not want us to have democracy and good living conditions and do not care for that.

The liar Obama who presented himself as pro-Arab and pro-Muslims is doing that to win them in his side to kill more Innocent people in Pakistan and Afghanistan as well Yemen. Shadow war as we saw from catching Osama. Obama threw him to the fish did not allow us to hear his testimony. I thought Obama is a liberal lawyer but CIA guy and not from the good ones. He is basically the toy of the elites. He wanted to play Al Mahdi Al Muntazer and actually in Egypt the innocent people was calling him Al Mahdi Al Muntazer. Do really think the wicked Jews who God cursed them as well Jesus Christ want to see Mahdi Muntazer for us. See how they stole the money of the Chinese and Russians. They control the finance in America and change the real money of China and Russia to fake papers and bought assets and gold with their money. They are hoping that the poor American people will pay from their social security and medicare as well endless wars as they did with loosing money in the house bubble that wall street brought. The joke is they tell us they are bombing Qaddafi, the name of most of his son Sif business partners are Jews according to the New york Times. That is how he and his father are hanging in power. If I would go publicly I will be able to give hope and support to Arabs/Muslims and give hope and turns things in Libya and Syria as well other Arab/Muslim countries. See the difference between me and Obama. He is Al Mahdi Al Muntazer of the Evil Jews but I am Al Mahdi Al Muntazer of the Muslims and good Jews.

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