Sunday, August 14, 2011

Muslims Scholars have to unite around Imam Yusuf Al Qaradawi

By: Maged Taman

The Arab tyrants should not lead or allowed to lead or their scholars. It is clear that to win we have to unite and have spiritual guidance to our revolutions. No doubt the scholars of the tyrants are great hindrance to the revolutions. If we to die in revolution we should die in God side and it is clear God gave us the prophecy and it is the time to stand with God to establish his religion Islam with all the good and has of tolerance to the others. Do not listen to some in the west they are just willing or mislead and the idea is one for the elites to stay in power. A great man to follow and to unite around is Imam Yusuf Al Qardawi for the scholars who sold their religions to the tyrant damp them and even humiliate them since they are standing with the people who oppressed us. Time for these scholars to repent and take the side of the people and now not in the near future.

Open letter to Batoti, Mufti of Syria and other scholars in Syria: time to stand with the your people.

Al Mahdi Al Muntazer

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