Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Saudi and Gulf countries reaction to Syria:

By: Maged Taman

If you noticed these corrupt countries took stand against Syria only after I said to the Muslims to liberate Saudi so we can liberate Syria. They want to stay in power and will try to play us measuring our moves. They play politics very well since politics in this age before Jesus second coming require to be wicked person and they do not have any lack of wickedness. Again to the corrupt King of Saudi we will have strong and rapid overtake of Syria if we take over your kingship. I do not know how drawing the Ambassadors from Syria will save the Syrian people. Your move is not to save the Syrians but your kingdom. For Obama I accuse him of anti democratic principals. Why should not have the true number of hits to my website released and not having your controlled hand over my web like other dictators. Simply you want Saudi and the corrupt Gulf states to stay in power. Between me and you the truth is you care about the elites and your personal agenda. These big speeches were for public consumption. Most of Bush policies are in place fighting shadow enemies and protecting the connected. There are many books about Bush and Saudi dynasties may be the time to read one of the books. Continue to oppress me in my website like Bush and I will continue to attack you and the evil elites. Continue to protect the evil Saudi and oppress our revolutions and I will attack you and the elites. What did you do so far to Libya and Syria if I was let public to communicate with my people through the media or getting real hits of my website a lot of Muslims would have left the Tyrants and we would have a rapid settling to our problems and save a lot of blood. I will carry my complaint against you to God in the day of judgement.

Al Mahdi Al Muntazer

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