Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Anyone is standing against the Tyrannt of Syria How about Russia and China

By Maged Taman:

Russia and China wants a multipolar world and not only an American super power, which a lot of people agree including me. Millions of people died in Iraq and Afghanistan for occupation of two countries mainly for oil ask many in the left in America. Libya was a target to them for before given the crazy Qaddafi anti-west craziness for many decades. Syria looked a reasonable friend for Russia to keep some balance in the middle east. Now it is very clear that Al Assad is a ruthless dictator. I call upon the great presidents of Russia and China to ask him to step down. Syrians are killed every day. America is watching and caring only about two things in middle east Israel and oil. We need the east to interfere and try to win the Arabs/Muslims. In the good old days when there were two supper powers there were balance in the Middle East and in large part no wars since both supper power are keen not to have all way confrontation so the world would not end in total destruction. Now it is clear that America is not the moral superpower, we have to drag them in Egypt to not support the tyrant of there and in Libya win to Qaddafi means a new Qaddafi that will be very bold and will be of a lot of harm to the west interest. Russia and China can tell Al Assad time to go and we may even arm your people. Iran have good relation with both and I think it will respect the desires of Russia and China. I hope the leaders of both great countries will do help us. As the revolutions succeed the people in the area are likely to look for friendship of both countries and all who will help us after assessing what we did have from them from help. As you saw America did help in Libya for their personal interests and now is looking to play a role in the new Libya.

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