Monday, August 15, 2011

So FaceBook Turned to be A spy agent

By: Maged Taman

Thus this Jewish guy who created the facebook was working for the elites and not the masses. Presenting himself as helping people socialize while he send their informations and connections to the CIA. All people fell in the trap particularly in the Arab/Muslim world thinking the Jews will turn the world into friendly loving family. The guy made billions of dollars. CIA jumped through faceback on the revolutions in the Arab world at the right time to hijack them. While Facebook blocked revolutions against people that the elites do not want them to fall. See how the Jews does it they own your life and you think they did it for free. They are just too smart that is why I call them to read the Quran you know if they to become Muslims we will be very lucky, if they are conspiring against Islam will be very unlucky. May be it is our time to spy on them to see if they are secret Muslims, just kidding.

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