Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Obama Al Muntazer Standing against Al Mahdi Al Muntazer

By: Maged Taman

Obama again playing the same game that Bush played. There is oil in Iraq go their and stir a fight, there is oil in Afghan go their stir a fight. Obama is very wicked politician as usual for politician his personal interest comes first. Israel chooses for him what Arab/Islamic countries he can go after and who are not. He wants to win some in the American right he try to find or create some terrorist shadowy war or God now who he is killing but mainly children. Did this guy talked about his father dreams or something like that. Then Obama make the military industrial complex happy by extending wars. His policies mostly anti-Islamic. All he can offer an Iftar to the coward Muslims in the white house. He just want the to be in his side which is the Israeli, Saudi, Imperial corporations and military industrial complex while betrayed the left in America. Syrians have been killed daily and he just support and boycott or any crab but not standing in taking military action like he did in Libya. The last was done after I warned them that Qaddafi will declare he defeated the west and the Arabs. Besides Qaddafi was old enemy and crazy that can be an enemy any day. For Muslims again the fall of Saudi will be the main way to bring down Al Assad. Iran has to let us liberate Syria and for them we will liberate Bahrain.

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