Monday, August 15, 2011

Why the Campaign Against Quran and Prophet Muhammad

By: Maged Taman

As some of extreme Jews and Christians knew according to their prophecies that Al Mahdi Al Muntazer will appear they started severe and organized campaign against truth of the Quran and of Muhammad being a false prophet. Both are standing strong with the American imperialistic empire that control the world. Their dream for us was always an oppressive tyrant like Mubarak and King Abd Allah. While talking about hope for democracy as false hope that make us continue have the dream since despair may make you turn into terrorist or freedom fighter. Now they are waiting to jump in our revolutions to hijack them most recently they were founded to they pay some of the Egyptians to affect the election of Egypt. They already showed themselves to be anti-Quran and anti-Prophet Muhammad. I want to ask secular and leftists in Egypt what is your thinking about that and what is your religion means to you. They know that we are in the end of time and God promised us to have united prospers Islamic states. Which against the Jews plan to have us separated, divided and even better if we are in fight together. Thus choose my side and not the Anti-Islamic side.

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