Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Video to Obama: Watch

Blogger comment:

Bush said he went to Iraq to free people, big lie went to destroy it as Mystery Babylon, revenge Saddam who tried to kill his father, Oil, Protect Israel and appease the corrupt king of Saudi. The second false beast after him Obama lied to us that he will end these wars and he wants to leave troops to protect what very corrupt politicians in Afghanistan and Iraq. Fake Obama has some Muslims in his family, who cares, came from Africa, Mubarak is from Africa too. Nothing really in him make me feel proud just kneeling and praying to the elites and not God. If he was a real man he would let people know exactly the number of the hits in my blog, this supposed to be what democracy all about is to know who will the people choose and follow not the elites. When Face Book found that Muslims started to follow me they suspended my web site, did I hear the owners are Jews, where the good Jews go looking for them. I do not want your job I want people to follow what is right and you oppressed me like the false guy before you. Let us talk business the first thing you did in rise to power is to publish a book about your journey make some money and sneak to appease powers to stay in your job. We did not see anything from you but jumping on the Egyptian revolution as it is closing in. Libya threw some bombs here and there so you make noise in the Arab world that you are standing with them. Syria go nice and slow let them both slaughter each other. While in the same time protect Saudi and the gulf states to help you stand against Iran and have the oil. Basically same old and same old. One thing to your information America is the most tyrant country and is oppressing its people for the sake of the elites, who can be even outside America like king of Saudi. You want to be a man and open my web to the real number of hits or you will hide behind the elites. Very clear that you are a wicked guy with wicked policies. You know what is the best jihad for God is to say words of truth to a tyrant governor and I said that to you and many tyrants.

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